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Why i'm not there


I started my gig for 3 days now and when someone searches for it or for my username he got nothing
and 3 days but my gig still got 0 impressions


Please be patient. Success comes slowly, and looks a lot like hard work.


When I started I had the same problem, don’t worry it’s temporary. I contacted CS and they fixed it for me so you can try that as well.


I got impressions but no orders yet. I also don’t come up on search. I got an order but unfortunately we could not agree with the buyer and I had to place a dispute. That has given me 100% cancellation on that particular gig. Don’t know what to do. Someone help.


i will try this thank you


Fiverr is having currently some issues with Gig Stats. Be patient and make sure to use “Buyer Requests” section to approach buyers with your offer :slight_smile: