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Why I'm Not Upset, Even Though I Have the Right

My mom taught me that “pissed” is a bad word, but it is kind of a good word to describe the way some buyers make me feel sometimes.

I’ve decided those days are over.

I had a seller that requested an article. They gave me a one-line description for the topic. So I spent quite a while on it and wrote a pretty good article.

Next day, I get a revision request. The seller told me I got it all wrong, and sent me a paragraph describing what he really wanted: the angle, a product promotion, and a few details that were absolutely necessary.

Wow, dude, thanks for sending me the actual details once the article is already written. Of course, I put on my professional pants and responded politely without showing my exasperation. And I spend more time re-writing a good portion of the article.

So I get a long message today telling me that it was still terrible, that it was not what he wanted, that I had incorrect details (which were actually backed up by several other resources on the topic, but I didn’t tell him that) and wasn’t going to use it. He didn’t cancel the order, and he didn’t give me a review because he said it would be a really bad one, so I guess that was nice of him.

Usually, I would cry. But I’ve decided that other people don’t have to get under my skin anymore. I know I followed his directions, I know I was professional, and I know I offer a stellar product, because I have dozens of five-star reviews and personal messages telling me so. One random guy is not going to get me down.

Long story, but I hope it makes you think about your own businesses. You’re always going to get those frustrating customers that think you can read their minds, and you’re always going to have one guy who can’t be pleased. You can let that irritation and offense fester and ruin your day, or you shrug and start working on the next customer in line. Because you know that next guy or gal is going to love your stuff, just like most customers.

So smile :slight_smile: I am.

Ah good old lazy pissypants seller. Just another jackass. If does leave you a bad and unjustified review, take screenshots (esp. of his threat–that’s a TOS no-no) and send them to Customer Support along with further evidence of you being a good seller and him being a poor guy with chronic asshat disease. There is a cure, but many elect not to take it.