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Why images don't show in my gig after compleating the order?

I’ve just completed the order and sent my client results, I was hoping these images will also appear in my gig (with the watermarks) as examples, but they didn’t. Is it ok?
They were jpegs


Client has a choice to allow or not that the images appear in your profile.

You are only in control of which picture will be in your portfolio, but client decides to give you permission or not.


oh, I see. Thank you for answer.

It’s kinda bad though, it was a promotional request, I didn’t really profit on it and did it to get my gig reviews and examples of final result…sad

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You should also check to make sure your live portfolio is currently active by clicking the gig tab then clicking the triangle at the end of the gig.

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it is active. I guess my client just didn’t want to show the result :frowning:

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Some customers prefer to be anonymous by not showing any work to other buyers to avoid getting copied, or if there any information buyer don’t want to be shown anywhere else. And I don’t see anything about it, it’s understandable and it’s completely buyer’s choice.

yes, I agree, it’s completely buyer’s choice.
It’s kinda sad just for me :slight_smile:

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