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Why impression decrease

Why my impression decrease i can’t understand. plz help me or who can tell what can do now.

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I also faced this problem. But I can solve this problem by sharing my gig in social media. You can also share you gig on social media. I think You will solve it.

Your gig position is not fixed and Fiverr rotates gig position based on various factors. Hence you may see fluctuations in gig impression.

Please bear in mind that Fiverr is currently innundated with new sellers - like you, they all see Fiverr as a method of making income in difficult times.

The result is that there are fewer “impressions” to go around - that means gigs are given a chance to pick up some work … but if they fail to do so quickly, they’re churned away from the best spots.

These articles may help:


same problem here…