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Why impressions suddenly decrease?


Yesterday I change my Gig title and why my impressions decrease from 256 to 59.
Please answer my question .
My gig link is below


This probably happened because your gig was taken out of the search results for review. Fiverr reviews all changes made to gigs, and while they are reviewing those changes, your gig will not be searchable. If you made changes, and immediately afterward, your on-site impressions dropped, this “out-for-review” issue is likely the cause.

Your gig will not be gaining impressions while it is under review.


If you make any change to the gig you will see ranked getting changed for your gig! I had almost 150+ impressions for 3-4 days but due to people placing order right away without discussing I had to increase price of my one package as people ordered and then asked for more things in less price. Even by changing price gig ranking got changed but had to do it as I had no option.

So not just updating tags, heading etc but anything your update in gig you see decrease in impressions.


Thanks jonbaas…


Thanks naikoosuhaib…


With me also same situation after last editing gig impressions suddenly dropped .what can i do before editing was good and i think my gigs aren’t appears in search


Actually, based on your graphic, you impressions merely spiked on August 16, and then returned to normal. You have NOT experienced a massive sudden loss of impressions – for that to happen, you would have to have been high on impressions for a notable amount of time, and then declined. You merely had a one-day spike in visibility. You are, in fact, remaining relatively steady in terms of impressions (even if on the low end).


Thanks for reply ! so how can i will improve again like before to get more business what is your suggestion the impressions more important to get orders ? or something else. Please help me .


Hi Jonbaas !why this happen with majority of sellers i also facing same thing may be fiverr start some premium services for gigs ranking like before “Promoted gigs” what is your opinion?


When you edit a gig it gets reviewed by Fiverr first. It is also removed from the search engine for a bit - but should go back to normal after a few days.


What makes you think this is happening to “a majority of sellers”? What is your evidence of these claims? Just because something happens to you, and maybe even a handful of other sellers here on the forums, does not mean a majority of sellers are experiencing the same thing as you. Let’s not blow your experiences out of proportion.


hi, i’m sure something happened in "August 16, 2018. see my best selling gig impressions…


My gig impression for a certain gig hit over 100+ for 3 days but I had to change the pricing as it confused people. Once I updated just the pricing the impression went very low.

Even my gig ranks at 2 for the certain keyword still I don’t know why gig impressions have dropped suddenly


Actually i was looking time to time on fiverr forums there are many peoples complaining about impressions after august 16 .That’s not mean i am imposing some thing by myself ,i’m sorry if i’m hurting somebody , Actually i was looking for help and your kind opinion on this topic .Thanks