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Why in Forums, my status still shows as Level 1 even when I've reached Level 2 few days back?

If you see in the attached screenshot, right below my Fiverr handle, it shows “Level One Seller” here on Fiverr Forum. Now the fact is that I’ve been promoted to Level Two recently.

Is this a bug, or something I’m not aware of?

It can take some day to see your new badge on forum, so don’t worry :smiley:

I’ve seen level 2 sellers who appear as newbies on the forum. It happens.

Reply to @mark74: Yeah, that’s the vague idea I had, but I wonder why is it so !!

Reply to @catwriter: Ooo! that’s weird ! So I should feel happy that despite I’ve reached Level 2, my status doesn’t appear as newbie at least :smiley:

Reply to @pr_junction: It sure is weird, on the forum it looks like the user is a newbie, but he/she mentions being level 2, so I wondered if they had multiple accounts or something before I checked their profile.

Dear All,

Now it shows level 2 badge near my user id

Thought you should know. :slight_smile: