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Why in the buyer request page is empty


is there someone who will help me, why on my buyer request page is empty.?

And how I can get my service buyer.?

please help me and answer that…


This is likely because you are a “New Seller”. Sellers with this ranking don’t see many buyer request ads because Fiverr wants sellers to prove themselves before having access to the Buyer Request section. When you earn “Level 1” you will see plenty of buyer requests that you can respond to. Until then, focus on learning how to market and promote your services. YOU are going to have to earn your sales the hard way – just like every other successful seller and businessman has had to do.


Here is some more information for you.


Thanks for helping me answer that question.

how to increase my gigs sales?



Perhaps you didn’t read my advice. I noted that, until you are able to respond to buyer requests as a Level 1 seller, you are going to have to learn how to market and promote your gigs. You can “increase your gig sales” by marketing and promoting them to the target customers that need those services.