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Why is account is no longer active? Anyone else?

I am on Fiverr all day, everyday. Combined with two other freelance networks, Fiverr makes up 1/3 of my total income. Yesterday I finished working on a big project and logged in to deliver it to a customer, only to get a horrifying message: “Account No Longer Active”. Wait. What?

I tried resetting my password. Same problem. I sent a message to customer service and it has been over 24 hours now with no response. I know I had some 24 hour gigs lingering which are now overdue, plus some big money gigs I had planned on working on today. I also had two outstanding gigs I recently purchased from other seller.

I can’t imagine that I have violated any of Fiverrs terms to warrant deleting my account altogether, except that I would occasionally extend an invitation to long-term clients to contact me via email. Would Fiverr be so petty as to delete a high-income account because of this?

Anyone have any insight on this, because I’m kind of freaking out right now.

double post, sorry!

You can’t contact buyers outside of fiverr, I think this is the reason why your account has been shut down.