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Why is all voice over seller make expensive the commercial use


I as a video seller is hard to find good voice over prices for commercial, they put it so expensive 20 - 40$,

I need to make some work relationship with voice over seller when my client ask to include with the voice over.

so sad :frowning:


It’s not expensive. If your client requires it for commercial use then I’m sure they will make a decent revenue by reselling it or getting leads.
A while back I had a client who requested an explainer video. I hired a designer, copywriter and a voice over artist. It cost me about $120, I sold it to my client for $200 and the client was super happy about it because most likely he probably made even more off of this video.

If your client is not happy with the voice over price then they can hire someone else for that.


Considering it’s only 20-40 it’s still a very good value compared to other sites. There are soooo many voice over artists who do not charge an extra commercial license. Just have a look around, you will be able to find someone in no time.


well played, i am still looling for more exprience here in the field of explainer animation, yes I have make 9 video in total this 2 month since I start my gig first february.

Now I have 2 order with voice over included.

okay if its really like that then I will increase the additional cost for the voice over and script.

thanks for the suggestion uxreview


its not in total,
like the 150 word is 10$ than the commercial extra is 40$


It’s all about finding the right clients. If you’re dealing with a buyer who expects the world for $5 then it doesn’t matter how low your prices are, it’s still too high for them. I usually stay away from these, but then again as you can see, I don’t have a ton of orders either :slight_smile:

If you’re doing videos and the voice over is just an extra then a buyer has the option to purchase it from you or from someone else. It shouldn’t affect your sales that much.
Besides, quite often buyers would like to choose their own voice over artist. Just because you do the video, it doesn’t necessarily mean they like the voice you’ve selected :wink:


this is nice,
thanks for this comment you really are helpong me :smiley:


Feel free to pm me I can link you to a bunch of great artist who offer VO’s without an extra commercial license.


Tag me as well…