Why is am sharing these stupid questions with you guys


This post is deleted


There is no way to fulfill your desire. :slight_smile:


No, you can’t order from yourself.

And if you’re asking whether you’re allowed to have multiple accounts and order from yourself that way, the answer is also no (plus, all of your accounts would get banned from Fiverr).

Have you asked Customer Support to remove that Hitler image from your portfolio?


Not a sentence I ever expected to read when I joined Fiverr! :wink:


Lol never a dull moment on here!


I got no reply from CC


I got no reply from Customer Support.


Hey, you said… you purchased 'Moto G4" from your fiverr revenue. Why don’t you play some games till you get some new orders… :laughing: No offense.


Actually, my friends are Using Facebook, Whatsapp. But i am using Fiverr.


If you are here from last 1 year then how do you don’t know about Fiverr’s TOS? That’s weird. :anguished:


actually i am stupid


Nope :slight_smile: hehehehe



Y’all being a little harsh on OP here. Let him try it and tell us the results, whatever his plan is. We need more data!


woooo… i wannaa know that too… Go on… OP! :no_mouth:


Don’t insult yourself…we are all learning here. It’s ok not to fully understand something without having to be belittled (something I notice in this forum a lot which is unfortunate as most people are just trying to make in many parts of the world and English comprehension doesn’t always come easy to everyone). Check out the Academy and search button in this forum for more tips on improving your gig. Perhaps look at successful gigs and get ideas (don’t copy them but see what they’re doing and gain inspiration from them). No need to sell to yourself. Customer service might take a couple of days to respond. I always get a response. Good luck and keep the faith!


I’d rather not say nothing because my response to this might cause the servers to crash.


Aw you aren’t stupid. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

You can turn off your portfolio from showing and that will get rid of the Hitler picture, which might help your sales. You could try that for a week or two to see what happens.


It’s not working, I asked Fiverr Customer Support about this matter. They are also not able to delete that post without buyers permission. Buyer is not answering.


Thanks for your comment, You made my day