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Why Is An Order From 10 Months Still Showing Up As Current

Hello all, I’ve got an order that for some reason is showing up under the Mangage Sales > New tab. It has been there for 10 months but the order shows to be complete.

I tried using the “RESOLUTION CENTER” tab on the order, but a page came up saying “I’m confused…This order appears to be completed. Are you sure there’s a problem? Revenues for this order are available for withdrawal” with a little robot on the side.

Can someone tell me why it is still showing and how I can get rid of it.



I’ve got it too on a basic $5 gig with a big Extra. I delivered it, got a great review and only the $5 is clearing. The funds from the Extra are in “New” status. Been waiting for Fiverr support to offer a resolution.

I have the very same. I had a $5 order, then the client have extended the order with a $5, then with a $10 order. I’ve completed the order, it was marked as completed, I also got a review, but the two extension still in the New row (While if I click on them, I get to the completed order), and the system put only the first $5 into the clearance row, while the remaining $12 is nowhere. I also wait for some sort of resolution in the last 8+ days.