Why Is ASMR not a thing, on Fiverr


Hi Fiverr’ss

As a VO I was thinking about the huge popular growth of ASMR… I’m surprised no one is tapping in to this market doing personal ASMR.
Not something I would ever get into but there’s a niche waiting on here.

Gig Denied For "3rd Party TOS Violation" and "suspected Fraud"

Why would you pay for ASMR here when you can get it free on Youtube. I’d rather watch it live and maybe leave a tip here and there than to pay a bunch of money here.


Well, I love ASMR works like a charm on my savage soul. Someone might pay for a video tailored just for them. Certain triggers and whispering just for them. Just a thought.


It’s not a bad idea, I just don’t think it would work. How long are ASMR videos? Typically 30 minutes or more? It would cost alot. Voiceovers, etc. work on Fiverr because people NEED something personalized - they can’t just grab something off Youtube. Maybe if Youtube wasn’t overly saturated with free videos then ASMR might of worked - I just don’t see it being successful on here anytime soon.


Bob Villa is already on broadcast TV for free. :wink: I think ASMR might not fly well here because people offering custom videos might get requests primarily for extra-extra special (ToS problematic) content. If that was a concern I could see popular VO artists being too nervous to risk it as a gig. It might be a great niche, though. Someone will try it sooner or later.


Bob Villa huh :smirk:. I guess.
I recommend “asmr zeitgeist” a real master at this peculiar art form.


This exactly. Sellers would be banned instantly.


This is why I made a post, I thought maybe it’s already tabu


Just googled asmr videos.I have personally never listened to them but I have tried listening to sounds of nature like a running river or birds chirping or the melody of the air as it caresses the field etc.
It is very relaxing experience and helped me sleep well,sometimes when I was feeling stressed


Its bizzare , but some of us have a nervous system this works on


I guess I have my answer …


I checked out a video of his just now and almost immediately went to sleep, thanks! :sleeping: