Why is balloon popping so popular on Fiverr?


I seen gig after gig after gig and so on offering balloon popping and I always wonder why? how did this trend started?


There is no need for much detail on this. Perhaps some of these gigs are just silly, but some are intended for adults who seem to get excited about seeing balloons popped by people they might be attracted to. If you want more detail you’d have to use a search engine. The Fiverr forum isn’t ideal for further discussion about that part of it.


I mean I ask because this gig is pretty synonymous with Fiverr by the looks of things. There is a lot of things that can be a popular gig but specifically balloon popping for specifically Fiverr? I just have to ask


Fiverr is a popular place for lots of quirky things that might not work on other sites. I have never heard of balloon popping gigs being synonymous with Fiverr, so I can’t address that.


I didn’t know it was until you mentioned it. How did you happen to find balloon popping on fiverr? I wouldn’t start a thread about it nor would I search for it.


It came up for some reason (I think in the suggested Gigs) for me. Why, I have no idea - not interested. I had no idea it was that popular either, just that it weirdly showed up once.