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Why is delivery time bugged

I have a transcription gig and client requested twice the first package, which is 2x30 minutes transcription. But the problem is I need two days to finish work, but the timer shows that I have only one day. Why is this happening? Why can clients do that instead of buying the medim package?


If the package has a 2 day delivery the timer should show approx 2 days but it will probably quickly say “1 day 23 hours,” etc.

Also you could ask CS to change how it works to re: buyers selecting multiple quantities of the gig. You could also change the delivery time on the basic gig to a higher figure to allow for multiple orders in the queue if you need to, or limit the orders in the queue for that gig in the “gigs” page.

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Nope, it says less than 12 hours left. Also the client ordered hour and a half audio and that is in the third package but I’m being paid like it’s the second package. I canceled the gig because there is no way I could finish on time.

Maybe like I said, report it to CS if the system isn’t working as you think it should, and maybe they’ll change it/pass it on to their developers.

edit: Also I have noticed the countdown timer on the gig page giving incorrect figures after a while sometimes and refreshing the page normally fixes it. The timer shown on the dashboard seems a lot more reliable than the one on the order page.

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