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Why is every buyer request from a seller? Am I missing something?


I created a Gig, and I wanted to look at what Buyers are requesting so I can make some offers and generate work.

EVERY SINGLE Buyer request in my field is a seller trying to promote their work. What the heck??! How is that allowed? Am I just completely misunderstanding how this works?


No, you are not misunderstanding it. These sellers are SPAMMING the buyer requests section. As you are a new seller, just sift through the ones from buyers and bid on them.

P.S: When I have extra buyer requests remaining for the day, I send dummy requests to those spammers and then report them as spam. :wink:


Wow, this sucks so much, lol! Thanks for the info. And yeah reporting them might be a good idea . . . . thanks.


No problem. :slight_smile:

Most of the new sellers get their first order from the buyer requests section. Good luck with that.


Glad I saw this lol now I know what to expect


For real i was puzzled by this too,… i tried to promote my self and i recieve a stern warning, risking my a/c being blocked.