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Why is everyone not using video in their gigs description?

Hey everyone,

So, according to Fiverr, gigs with videos get 220% more orders. But why is the smashing majority of logo designers not using video in their gigs. Instead they use a static image of an attractive logo. Even Top Rated Sellers don’t use video descriptions. I’m guessing the image/thumbnail gets more clicks? I currently have a video in my gig but I’m considering making the switch to a static image (just like everyone else). Maybe even try a few different logos, to see which one would attract more orders.

So my question is basically: if video descriptions are so good for business, why are most designers avoiding them? I’m wondering if anyone knows.



Where does Fiverr say that?

It will be more work/maybe more cost to create a good video than a good image.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

You can’t find that exact information nowadays, but the “220% fact” was even part of the video uploading process and that fact has propagated to blogs/forums. You can still find this online, which is more vague: " Upload a video. Gigs with videos perform better!"

So, it makes absolutely no sense that Top Sellers would be spending money on promotions, Facebook ads etc, and not investing on a good video. I personally suspect that in certain categories, the image simply attracts more clicks.


On the gallery page it says “Videos can increase user engagement by 40%” but I haven’t seen anywhere recently where Fiverr says it increases orders. Maybe you’re right and they’ve removed it. Maybe it’s no longer the case if it was the case…


Thank you! 40% engagement is not 220% “more orders” but still, it’s 40%. It’s too much of an improvement not to take advantage of it.


But it probably just means it can give (40%) more contact from potential buyers to sellers than more orders. But yes it’s probably still worth doing, though it may depend on the gig category and the gig. And a bad video could be worse than a good gig image, like someone else posted.


I agree, specially with that last part. If a gig is betting on a video vs a static image, you better have a good video. Thank you for the tips.


I have wondered this myself.

I suspect one reason is that the seller can’t afford a commercial use license for an animation platform and they don’t have the charisma or English to do a talking head video.


I’m not sure if I’ve seen it on the site yet, but I too have seen that statistic…more than once. Here is an excerpt from a 2016 Forbes article:

" shares the statistic that gigs with videos sell 220% more than the competition, I could not agree more. People want to know who is on the other side of a sale, and they do not expect that person to be a supermodel. "

EDIT: I thought I had seen it somewhere here as well. This is from Fiverr’s Blog “The Do List”

“One of the advantages of Fiverr® is the fact that you can add a video and personalize your Gig®. This not only helps you draw attention to your Gig but has proven to increase sales by more than 200 percent.”


Hi there @scorpion6, it is a great question, thank you for sharing. I myself have done two videos for my Gigs, the rest I use images just to see which ones worked best. So what I’m doing now is testing and see if I will get more revenue with my videos, but I doubt it though, as Images for some reason are more catchy to the eye…

I’m still very much busy with testing and twigging my gigs around as I’m still quite new with Freelancing and here on Fiverr.

So, we wait and see what works best :smiley:

Have a wonderful day

Warmly, Humberto

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Nice One… @hum_on_the_go…Waiting…

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I had a video once on my gig. I did not see any sales rising. Now I have no video on any of my gig and still my gigs are on top in their niche. :slight_smile:

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