Why is Fiverr allowing this?


Why does Fiverr allow sellers to use spammy titles for their gigs?

Here is an example:

"I will give 100+ Youtube Likes and 300++ Youtub Views , Youtube Views and Youtub Likes gigs,youtub, youtub,youtub,youtub,youtub , youtub likes for $5 "

The word YouTube is mentioned 10 times, and at the end it just gets spammy. The purpose is clear - better rankings in the Fiverr search algorithm, but this doesn’t change the fact that it looks spammy for the buyers. What if we all just start repeating our main keyword without giving any information whatsoever, just to rank well?

Fiverr already has a policy about capital letters (only 1 word in capital letters if I’m not mistaken). There should be a policy about spammy titles as well.


I don’t think it is allowed. I am sure if Fiverr Admin come across a Gig like that they would take some action. Whether it be a warning, placing the gig under review until appropriate changes are made, or deleting the Gig all together. I am not sure what their actions are for this, but I doubt it is allowed.

However, for a certain answer on whether this is something Fiverr doesn’t allow, you should contact customer support and ask. If they say it’s not allowed and should be reported, send them a link to the Gig in question.

I would hope it’s not allowed. :frowning:


"The Gig you were looking for is no longer available."

Lol they are so fast :slight_smile: I hope they will be fast on fixing search too!


There are so many of these gigs that I didn’t even know it was forbidden. In fact, I can’t see a normal title on the first page when I search for youtube. They are all stuffed with keywords. Fiverr should make better gig approval system or at least add a report button on the gigs. Contacting them through support for each gig will be a problem.


I think that must have been temporary. The system hasn’t allowed me to do much less spammy things that I don’t think are spam. I do not imagine a title like that will stick around for very long. I have not seen a spammy gig title like the one you mentioned which I do think is excessive.