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Why is fiverr asking me to verify my identity?

I’m new to this but I suddenly received a notification that I need to add my passport number and ID to continue selling on fiverr. Why is this necessary? I mean I’m a genuine seller but this seems a bit suspicious to me.


It is explained here:


This is Fiverr Authentication service, Randomly Fiverr ask to different seller ask about their authentication by Passport or ID card, No need to worry jus follow the steps.

don’t worry just follow the fiverr policy

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The information at the bottom of my pos is copied from the article @lloydsolutions linked.

However, I suspect it is because many users wanted to appear as if they were selling from a country where they did not live. Plus, it will help to reign in those sellers who make more than one account.

How will we use your data

The collection and processing of users’ ID cards are required for the following purposes:

  • Improve the trust in the marketplace and quality of gigs offered on Fiverr, secure our service, and prevent fraud.

  • Protect other users from fraud and misleading sellers who are not who they claim to be.

  • To recover a hijacked account and be able to ensure ownership of our sellers’ accounts.

  • Enforce Fiverr’s ToS, prevent clones, and ensure users are above 13 years of age, as well as comply with applicable laws.


This is quite helpful thank you, but it’s still odd to me.

Not to me. There are sellers that are men who post pictures of famous actresses as their profile pictures and write their profile content as if they are a woman. They do all of this to attract more buyers and get more sales.

Or there are sellers who feel they would get more sales if they appear to be from a different country so they use a VPN and set up their account as if they were a citizen of another country. By Fiverr having sellers verify their identity these issues are removed.


This is obviously a bad idea, I would never do it, but it’s not just a “feeling”. Certain countries are seen as more trustworthy and others way less. Certain countries can command higher prices easier. It’s a fact. It’s an unethical tip, but one of the few that actually does something. That’s why there must be ID verification of users. I’m in what I would call a middling country, Portugal. Trustworthy enough, but not on the level of the USA or UK in terms of industry, a lot of people like to shop local. I’d probably be better if my account said USA on it (all other factors being equal, of course).

If you are a meksell, it doesn’t matter what country you’re from, you won’t succeed. But if you are a good seller, great English skills, etc. and you happen to be unlucky with the country that shows in your profile, that can be a detriment. You can do well, but it will be harder.

If this is fair or not, discrimination, etc. is besides the point. It just happens, it’s a reality of working online. Ignoring it doesn’t change it.

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As @vickiespencer has said, there are a lot of fakers here.

Fiverr is trying to weed some out to keep this a safe and honest marketplace for those of us who are legit.

Do you normally refuse to prove your identity when asked?

That’s odd to me.

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No sir, I don’t refuse to prove my identity when asked. And it’s just very random that is why it caught me off guard.

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What countries are at an advantage then?

Will depend on your market. For high paying stuff, it’s generally english speaking countries with high economic power like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia. Western Europe is generally good but second tier (Germany, France, Scandinavia, Netherlands, etc.).I’m not very familiar with the Asian market.

USA is by far the best. I’m not aware of actual numbers being available publicly, but I would bet anything the USA is the highest spending country on Fiverr, by a very large margin.


You make some interesting points.

I am in Canada.

The location of my Buyers has never been an issue to me (I have had clients in 40+ countries to date) as I think it’s fascinating to be able to work from home and have clients in far away places.

But I think you may be right about how some locations may appear to others.

For example, I see a lot of newbies here are from Bangladesh.

This tells me something about the economy there if so many think that Fiverr will solve their financial woes.

BTW, I give the same advice to anyone who asks/posts as I don’t search their profiles to see where they are from. I look to see how much time they have spent reading on the Forum.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for offering an interesting perspective.

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I do look at the country of origin for my buyers, because if it’s a certain group of countries, there’s a 99% chance it’s just time wasting. It’s personal experience. I will be totally outside their price range.

But this is particularly applicable to buyers, not sellers. The buyers will care more about the country, on average. At least a certain percentage will do. And the buyers control the communication, they have to be the ones to message first. A buyer from a certain country will talk to you, and you will see the message first, the country later. If the message is interesting, the country doesn’t matter.

From a buyer’s perspective, it’s the other way around. You don’t get to talk to them first.


they disabled my account despite me providing multiple proofs of my ID…now what? this was my only source of income :frowning_face:

No, one here can help you. Only CS can answer your question.

I have a few orders to work on, what do i do about those?

Do them if they are still on your dashboard.

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Do verify your fiverr account. Every seller have to verify there fiverr account.

its the simple process… do and verify your identity, so fiverr know you and you are not dummy.