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Why is fiverr charging higher as processing fee?

Usually when i run out of fiverr balance i buy voice overs and other assets needed with my paypal account. Over time i get charged a dollar extra by fiverr so usually i pay $6 for a $5 order…$11 for a $10 order and so on.
Only for me to notice this yesterday…
I wanted to make a $10 order while having a $8 balance which meant there would be a set off leaving me to pay additional $3 but instead i was told to pay additional $4 leading to a $12 payment for a $10 order. I shrugged if off.
Only for today again i got charged $7 for a $5 order what is going on! I can’t pay 40% processing fee for transactions and still get 20% taken from the payments i get.
It doesn’t make any sense!

Yeah, it’s something we have to deal with. There is a lot of talk regarding the fees from others as well.