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Why is FIVERR denying every gig i create?


I was so happy with Fiverr for the past 3 moths. I worked hard, reached level 2 and had over 150 gigs completed then i decided to add a video to my gig and all hell broke loose from there. When i refreshed my gig it got auto denied so i tried their support people and all i got was that my gig MIGHT violate some other 3rd party website rules , emphasis on MIGHT. This gig was my bread and butter. Anyway so after 1 day of begging them to re instate my gig since it had all my positive reviews and all my customers new me by that gig I GAVE UP. Today i decided to create a new gig and made sure it would not violate any rule to anything. The gig i created was me making a LOGO animation video. This is 100% my work my time my effort. So i created a new gig and uploaded a demo video so buyers can see what their getting and maybe after 30 min my video was denied??? So i figured why don’t i make the demo video with Fiverr name all over it JUST TO BE 10000% sure that fiverr is kept happy and I just came to see if my video was approved and found out that not only that my video was denied my gig AGAIN was canceled and denied?

Did i rub someone at FIVERR the wrong way?

any suggestion ? comments ?

Thanks in advance


I too have experienced this. I get videos approved during the night that don’t get approved during the day. Do they have any idea how much work, time, effort and HOPE to make a few dollars goes into these videos BEFORE they are posted?

They just removed all my ORIGINAL ART work banners that had been up for at least three weeks.

I’m still scratching my head over that one. AND, they aren’t letting me upload NEW banners.

What is really going on?

Frustrated doesn’t describe…


First read terms condition then post gig


I don’t know but they have been doing the same thing to me. I make Radio and TV jingles and have been for over 25 years and all my gigs are spot on to fiverrs rules and I get them pulled all the time. It depends what person reviews your work. I think they have allot of people that don’t know what they are doing in the review team. The more in-depth your gig is the more the reviewer might not understand. This has got to be the case. I had a gig that ran for 3 weeks! then I updated a typo and it got pulled. Today I requested 5 gigs that I needed done with the request a gig and they all got denied. This is a gig i requested. I need someone to make the top navigation of my website black with white text. OMG. So i pulled all my gigs and this will be the last I post or list on fiverr. This is a good thing anyway who want’s to sell $500 to $1000 works for five bucks. In the words of my 13 year old son. Dad why are you messing with this and he is 100% spot -on. I thought it would be easy to make some money and just create a template and make jingles for a fiverr and lead your buyers to the gig extras. No that did not work they want something ready for TV or radio For 5bucks and they don’t read your gig extras. wish you the best. hope this helps Rhett.


errrr I got nothing. maybe they’re pms’ing it. don’t take it personal.


Ive had a few problems. My pictures and covers get rejected for no reason too. I don’t get it.


Okay I have experienced this before. I was having a good-going gig and when I uploaded a video for it, the gig was denied. I contacted Fiverr CS and they helped me out to explain the situation. Fiverr doesnt allow any third party service violation (I offered online book review through sites like Barnes and Noble). Try contacting CS


When you update a gig it gets submitted for review. Fiverr has most likely updated their policies over the past year so what may have been accepted a year ago will not be today.

I think they were having a lot of complaints over copyright infringement and finally got strict with it.


I had my first 2 gigs denied. First I had to edit/modify them, (my graphic was too small), then I resubmited them. After almost a day of ‘review’ they both were denied. I posted my 3rd gig at night and in less than 1 hour it went straight through! The first 2 gigs were 1.) Suggestions for jobs aimed at college kids who want to reduce their college debt by working off-line during college, (and I don’t mean McDonalds, Clerking, stocking, etc.), and 2.) 2 principles from Basic Economics that can be applied in life and off the professors’ chalkboard to make much better decisions in work and life. No quotes, mathematical modeling, knowing/understanding of Say’s Law, the significance of a graphs’ curvature, or any knowledge of major Economists or references of any kind, (ruins the chances for plagiarism, etc.). FWIW, gig #3 pertains to research.

I thought the idea was present your idea/gig and let the marketplace speak. To deny something that has no pornographic/immoral or libelous content and offer no means to fix any problem -assuming there IS a problem does not help. I post here and through the Fiverr link to FB, enhancing exposure to this site, which may increase buyers and sellers, (with Fiverr taking 20% of the profit off the top). Like the old Wendy’s commercial said, "Where’s the beef?"

I already have almost forty ideas for gigs but with a 67% denial rate right off the bat, is it worth the time, especially with the content of some of the gigs that are posted! Why not have a list of standards - in common English pursuant to the levels of illiteracy poor retention and ADD - so we can gear our gigs in accordance with the expectation. This denial thing reminds me of those survey sites where you seem to meet the qualifications but your time, efforts and income are summarily terminated, sometimes with no reason given. In this matter, I am not looking for opinion, but facts. You can delay posting and tell me my title is not proper and/or my graphic is too small; why not do the same for original, simpy (and video-less), gigs?


I just found a few letters in my e-mail from ‘jesseagan’ & ‘the fiverr team’ One is a “Welcome to…” and the others that say my gig needs modifications. They then list suggestions all of which have to do with my graphic, specifically:

"Here’s some advice to help get your Gig listed on Fiverr:

Images are crucial to attracting buyers. Please make sure that your image is:

  • 682 pixels wide and 459 pixels high so that it fits the full frame

    [mine is 690 x 462 after several attempts].
  • clear, sharp and in good focus (not blurry, pixelated, too dark or washed out),

    [mine is legible from 2-3 feet with my corrected vision]
  • represents the service you are providing, [mine is a phony “Bachelor of Arts in Live Life” granted to “T.H.E. Bearer” from the University of Hard Knocks’ College of Real Life - Complete with the official and overtly unacceptable “C L”]
  • original, meaning that you own the copyrights to it (either a photo you took or created yourself, or have a license to), [Said “B.A.L.L.” was created by me on my desktop “Paint” program - not 'Paintshop" or Paintshop’s “clone” ie “Gimp” - the standard preloaded “Paint” program and uses nothing that can’t be made therein, (no cut & paste, free clip art, etc.) It isn’t a Photograph, but it “represents the service you are providing” (informal education) as best I can.]

    I got Gig #3 approved with the same graphic that are still pending on my other gigs - one of which I have repeat Modification needed notices on, (with the same graphic and reformating the size on before returning it to the 1/3 effective dimensions!)

    Again, part of my publishing the gigs is to put them on facebook with the link fiverr provides. If a gig gets held up in this “Modification Needed” loop, what happens to the FB connection or people using it. And just how exactly can I find out why 2/3+ of my gigs get redundantly SNAFU’s. Is the problem being held in its own RUSH IMMEDIATELY and then wait profusely" loop so that when/if it’s fixed, there’ll be justification to increase fiverrs part of the fee, or what?

    People, this is ostensibly a business helping businesses. It is a fantastic concept, but that is only true in relation to how well the application works. Right now the application is like promising to feed the world - delivered once the population is quartered! Great idea, very popular, definately ‘New World’ concept - until the application is exposed. And working on a problem in the sense that the government is ‘working on’ the problem of a $50,000/citizen (almost 40 million newborn to 100+ year olds; $20,000,000,000,000+) debt/deficit has remarkably similar impact on the problem!

    Please find some way, beyond defaulting to “Image!!!” to let us clients know what we need to do to more effectively and more profitable use this (conceptually) superb service!


I cant withdraw my earnings via paypal, when i click withdraw paypal account on revenues this message appear on top "To enable withdrawals in this account, please contact our support here. Thanks. "…PLEASE HELP

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Reply to @finalstep: I just started attempting to try endeavoring to post 3 gigs here on Wednesday. I started with three: 2 academic principles that actually work off the chalkboard, career advice on getting good jobs to defray college debts while in college or for those wanting to pay off debts, (mortgages, credit cards, etc.) or reduce debts from the get go; do research on biblical subjects. I spent alot of time trying to figure out why the first 2 gigs were put on a holding pattern and finally fixed my only non-photograph, completely self-made graphic/icon, (there was also some "illegal ??? in the title), before being told it was almost ready … real soon … just about there … any seconDENIED!!!. I came up with another gig = the third one, again making repeated submissions, rewrote the first two making repeated submissions, including NOT touching the graphic. Result: 5 gigs of which 2 are rewrites. 1 currently “Active”, (didn’t touch the graphic), 4 denied. The untouched graphic rewrote gig about the 2 academic chalkboard escapees (real world usable ideas), is the currently “Active”. Five attempts, 1 success, 20%. I remember before I started working on my gigs, my “to do” list had 2 items: finish my profile and post a gig “You could be making money in 5 minutes! Why not try? You’d be crazy not to!” Yes, it’s totally sane to spend most of 3 full days trying to attempt to endeavor to undertake a sincere, serious application at what seems to be a simple, brilliant, effective idea: offer meaningful information to a wide audience of ‘pre-sold’ seekers at a ridiculously low rate - which should make for easy, no-sell transactions. Unfortunately, the marketplace, (this site), seems to be run by folks who - in keeping with the current, mainstream dogma that new is best ipso facto and changing a good thing into a shadow of a caricature of its former efficient glory is necessary, if only to maintain the labels of post-modern, suave, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, evolved and enlightened, (I have no idea why they’re cutting the branch from under their feet, but after years of watching such behavior in America (watching the routine raising of the debt ceiling result in today’s debacle, going from the best education system around to 1/10 of a state’s high school grads failing a major test in pre-college math, school shootings and college grads working as kitchen help - if they can get a job at all, given the actual result of 16 yrs of ‘larnen’ in today’s schools), it seems rational to suspect such arbitrary inanity to be relevant hereabouts).

Does anyone else find it somewhat thought-provoking that I cannot offer my services and let the market judge my by their (lack of) buying and ability to comment and complain - but I can say what I feel/believe on this and my other post, (NONE of which are as long as ANY of my gigs)? How about the idea that those running this site - who make 20% of EACH gig with considerably less effort than I make backing up and corrected the mistakes in any single one of my post, are so quick to deny what are largely targeted K-4 grade encyclopedia articles? Is it any wonder folks are turning to scamming, phishing f’ing people’s lives when any actually good platform gradually becomes more confining, constraining and just crappy - while those running it withdraw, ignore the fact that, while not yet as good as THE best platform, (Fiverr), there is competition out there?

Maybe its this ‘greater gutting of good things’ while less contact with clients/customers and ever-decreasing accountability’ model that has made pretty much all of America’s once-great industries into subsidiaries of foreign corporations*. If it did that to a large block of American business and opportunities in the real world, imagine what it can do in Cyberspace!

*For example, many of the “Big 8” accounting firms of 30 years ago when I studied Accounting are substantially subsidiaries of the major global, mostly+ European Conglomerates, (Peat, Marwick Mitchell is the ‘heart’ of KPMG, a Swiss “Big 4” Auditor. Of course, some Big 8’s merged with one another.


Reply to @polymathrena01: " posted my 3rd gig at night and in less than 1 hour it went straight through! - See more at:

It went straight through - briefly! It was then denied. I played with the graphic a few times before cutting and pasting the graphic from another (rewrote) gig and got denied. The gig I cut and pasted was the only one not resized and can, (currently) be found in the marketplace - it’s the only one of 5 that actually made it to “Active” status and has been there for a few hours, longer than the only other gig that made it, (briefly), that far.

Wow, I just found this whole process spelled out in the dictionary: it’s the definition for “Arbitrary”!

75 hours of nearly non-stop effort at “[. . . making money in 5 minutes!”]. This is a short form of my college experience, which included 36 credits in Accounting, (at the time, the 7th best field for new openings per year, 1977-1987 according to the USD of Labor; Bookkeeping was third). A B+ average, 21 yrs old at the time of education, education, work and personal references - the works! All requirements met, all necessities mastered - and they were known, unlike Fiverrs’ -and a long string of dishwashing, janitorial, stocking & al jobs, very much a prototype for some 360,000+ (iirc) B.A/B.S holders today, (the Accounting studies were at a 2 year college; my B.A. was finished 8 years later). I couldn’t even find a Principles of Accounting I 10th grade class job as an AR/AP clerk or thereabout, even while living a few blocks from Snelling & Snellings HQ, (when S & S was said to be the largest Employment agency around!). Again, very much like it is for too many today - after 30 years of “Bookkeeping is in HIGH demand” and "College is KEY!!!"

This thing seems to be a better idea than the 2-yr. eventually $25,000, (started at $10K) debt credit collection crapshoot. But I am 30 years older and - I hope - immeasurably wiser, far less gullible/naive/innocent/trusting/idealistic. I’m going to wait a few days I see what my hard-earned 20% success rate, nearly non-stop efforts result in, assuming I haven’t once again succeeded at denial!

Much ado about nothing is a good title for fiction, an accurate way to describe most anything political, but not good with repeated efforts to supplement income by conforming exactly for senseless, unexplained failure fiated by the capricious whims of a few who think an idea -especially a brilliant one that identifies and conceptually meets a HUGE need IS meeting the and is all that’s truly needed for $ucce$$.

(That seems to be how Economics works: if you can mathematically model something it’s doable; since it’s doable, it’s successful; since it’s successful, it MUST be manifested; since it must be manifested, it will be manifested. Of course, one of the biggest and most idiotic and self-destructive foundations of Economics - as studied, (I prefer “created”), by the Economists (read “armchair narcoleptic theorists”), is ‘Ceteris Paribus’ or “Other things remain the same”, (Model the need and wisdom of printing more money, (say $200,000,000/hr.) in such a way that fiscal troubles end and it must be doable … successful … manifested. Under ceteris paribus, effects on the value of the dollar, inflation, actual stability, etc. are assumed to be unaffected, common sense has been replaced by technology and figure flinging. (This isn’t one of my first gigs 2 good, applicable ideas, by the way; it is often applied, but not really applicable!) This is how I ‘learnt’ it; its Wiki article is interesting.)


Oh, wow!

I have 1 active gig, 0 suspended, 0 requiring modification, 0 pending approval and 4 denied gigs. Plus I have 1 To Do: “ATTENTION: Your gig requires modifications before it can go live Fiverr Editors”. [ I only have 1 not-yet-denied gig and it’s active! ]

My e-mail activity is similarly sensible:

1:37 a.m. "Hi polymathrena01, It appears that your Gig: ‘show you practical means to avoid or reduce debts’ needs to be modified. [This gig was denied earlier!]

Here’s some advice to help get your Gig listed on Fiverr: This Gig image is already displayed in one or more of your other Gigs [That would be the 4 denied ones, right?]. Please replace it with a different image that represents your service.

I guess what I learned in 40 hours of Business Communications class, (4 qrtr hrs, 12 weeks), 40 hrs of Verbal Communications, (ditto) and 80 hrs of College English, (ditto x2) was off: Clarity in communications is NOT essential. That was $1,000 well wasted!

And several e-mails from 6:45 pm - 1:39 am about a choices made by a Fiverr Review team and Fiverr EditorS? I’m guessing that all the changes of problems, (people unable to find their own gigs on Fiverrs’ own search page, and people have gigs up for months, recieving positive comments from customers, leveling up and then having their gig suddenly denied and perhaps people suddenly noticing an increase in clients placing large orders, only to suddenly cut and run while possibly damaging the Fiverr’s rep/rankprofits; no answers here, but everyone can contact a CS - is there a good FAQ where common situations are dealt with or are a few frequent problems actually, redundantly handled by people in a call center somewhere?) might have something to do with removing the human element from the editing and approving aspect - the side effect of going automated? I mean, 1:37 am on a Saturday and I get an e-mail about a cancelled gig having a too redundantly used image (that may have been seen on 1 active gig)?

Welcome back, Mr. Roboto!




Click, “Still Can’t Find An Answer”,

Click, “Submit A Request”,


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So someone/something is actually looking at the glyphs we leave in these post? That’s just so pinky groovy man! Glad to see someone/-thing is earning their 20%!

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