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Why Is Fiverr Doing Nothing About This Serious Problem?

It has been happening to me that every time I click on ‘buyer requests’, all I see is “no requests found”. I have also seen that many people are having the exact same problem here: Can\'t see buyer requests

And, why is Fiverr doing nothing about it? If people from certain regions are not seeing buyer requests, is this some kind of discrimination then?


What you see is how Fiverr intends it to be. There is no need for Fiverr to do anything, because there is nothing wrong with the way things currently work. You are a brand new seller who has no reputation on this site. Fiverr does not show many buyer requests to new sellers, because you need to prove, build, and establish your reputation as a seller. When you are promoted to a Level 1 seller, you will likely see plenty of buyer requests that you can respond to. Until then, you are going to have to find your customers the old-fashioned way – marketing and promotion wherever your target customers are located.


Ok thanks. No hard feelings but to sound as if there can be no improvement in the way Fiverr does it, to me, is quite preposterous. I think, the fact that someone is new on Fiverr doesn’t also mean that he is new in what he does. That I am new here and has not earned any reputation is not a measure of who I am at all. So, I need to be given equal opportunity to prove what I can do in order to earn or fail to earn the reputation as you jabbed at me.

In any case, there’s no hard feelings as I already said, just an attempt to express myself.


Buyer requests have been added as an afterthought; the idea of Fiverr is that buyers find you via search because you offer something they need, and buy from you.

There are plenty of bidding freelancing platforms out there; Fiverr was never meant to be one of them.


Fiverr is set up the way they have chosen to set things up. If you – or any seller – wish to offer your services here, you will have to use the site as Fiverr established it to function. The fact that you do not like the way things are, does not mean Fiverr needs to change or improve the site to your parameters. Fiverr is what it is.

But it is still a measure of who you are, here on Fiverr – as a new seller. You are going to have to prove that your experience has value to other people, and you are going to have to work your way up the rankings and levels, just live everyone else. You may be experienced in the real world, but you are a still a new seller with no reputation here on Fiverr.

You are starting at zero, as a new seller with no Fiverr reputation, just like the rest of us had to do.


No, what is preposterous is the idea that you are owed access to BRs and that you need BRs to get sales.


Give it 6 months desmondnweke153, at least - before things start to happen.

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Here’s another take on this matter.

Let’s say, you had this great idea :bulb: for a business. Your new startup finally opened for business, you’re super excited. What would YOU do to attract clients? What would YOU do to get a buzz going about your NEW startup? Would you set up a business plan? You cannot rely on other platform resources to generate income. Sure, it’s beneficial, but you have to find other ways. Rollup your sleeves :muscle:t5: :mechanical_arm: and get the buzz going about your NEW Fiverr business. :pineapple:


Thanks @nikavoice,
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And you TAUGHT me


@desmondnweke153 i see the same issue. I researched and i found that it depends on everything but mostly on category and tags. let me know if i am wrong.

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Thanks, @summerof_69. You make a lot of sense. But, with millions of other people implementing the exact same tags in each niche, I think that is going to take an awful lot of time to finally land. Moreover, with Google and other standard search engines, SEO is far simpler than a place like Fiverr. They don’t have the equivalents of Analytics, for example, to aid in keyword research. Well, I’d just have to calm down and think up a way that really works on Fiverr.

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