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Why is Fiverr horrible to its sellers?


This site has caused me nothing but grief when all i did was earn them so much money off of my site.

I got demoted over and over again just for selling what the people were asking me for: a testimonial video.

THEN i tried to recreate a better gig, called an unboxing video, based off of HUNDREDS of other sellers’ profiles on here, and then i got shut down immediately.

Has anyone else had to start over on here? Is it even worth it if big brother is watching our every move, and getting angry with us, with no warnings, even though they are taking OUR OWN income?!

Would love some tips on what to do next.


I think they got rid of all testimonial gigs. Someone said it was because of a new law.
You could ask them why they got rid of your unboxing gig. If it was reviewing products maybe that could be the reason.

You could create gigs that you are sure they allow eg. create voice over gigs again etc.


no I am “under review” I make so much more money on upwork and they are not big brother. What is going on. I made them $600 a month on my sales and now I am being shut down. There are hundreds of other review gigs and unboxing videos and somehow I’m being targeted?!


I think the issue is paid reviews might be biased. In the past Amazon sued >1000 Fiverr sellers who created reviews they were paid to create.


I dont care what the issue is, i need my account back up and running, how do I get them to agree to that?


You could contact CS about it or you could wait since your account is under review. They may re-enable your account after their review of it. If they don’t re-enable it after their review you could ask if you can create a new account and close the current one.


You’d have to offer a service that is clearly allowed on Fiverr. Ignore what other sellers are getting away with since their gigs will eventually be removed if they offer testimonials and review videos. Do something else that is allowed, like Live Action explainer videos which use much of the same equipment and talents you have used before. Or, you could just work on other platforms if you are doing fine, but trying to find a way around the newer policies won’t work. If you are under review by the Editors they may not even give you the account back, but if you keep working on Fiverr your best bet is to work within the current system.


I have order to fulfill still. Will I even get this money?!


If they were to completely suspend your account, you would still get any money you already earned. In most cases there is a waiting period and then they release the funds to you.


thanks I guess…trying to see if any legal action will make them actually explain themselves. I got no warning, just a notice in the middle of the night saying ive been demoted, and then I tried to fix my mistake, no warning, “under review”


Since it’s a global site there would be almost no way to file any legal action even if you had a case. It’s not likely you would even have a real legal case against them since they could return the funds to the buyers and that’s quite legal. They usually do warn you, but you agreed to the site terms when you signed up so that means they can deny your account at any time without warning. Luckily they still may let you continue if you’ve been polite and professional in your Support conversations. If they don’t, they also usually give you the money you’ve earned after the waiting period.


oh ive been super aggressive in these messages, i dont care, they are a horrible company trying to control every little thing, it is not ok


Being polite and chill usually helps resolve things, not just on fiverr, but in general life scenarios - being abrasive can only drive the wedge deeper.

How successful you are resolving the issue at hand - depends on what is important to you.

The methods you have used to date, don’t appear to have been successful…

Might be time to try Plan B. Just my opinion.


Okay, so that’s not usually how you keep your account open but each person handles things their own way. :wink: In the case of testimonials and reviews (not necessarily other actions they take) they are making ongoing changes to avoid serious litigation that could ruin things for all sellers. They don’t really have a choice, so I can’t call that horrible as it relates to those categories. Best of luck to you!


LOL good luck!!! :eyes::sweat_smile:


Yikes. I hope you don’t talk to CS this way.

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