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Why is Fiverr not protectiing us from this?


As you guys may already know we (fiverr sellers) can not decline an order so if someone orders without contacting you ahead and the order contains something that you do not do, the seller becomes unresponsive, the seller is higly demanding, etc. you have to do the gig and work extra just to not get negative feedback. To day I just got a canceled order from someone that ordered one of my gigs (without contacting me offcourse) requesting “logo”. You can see the whole discution in the attached image. Then after a lot of time he canceled the order without even letting me know.

Why we can not decline a order or at least give as a option to not accept orders unless we are messaged first.

What is your opinion about this issue?

Kind Regards,

Marius Iorga


Did you already contact support regarding this? You can also contact them through twitter to get a faster response.

when this happens to me, i deliver a empty image telling the buyer that im delivering this temporarily, when he send me the logo or info i deliver the real image, that way the order is delivered and days or months after when he send the info, i deliver and no problem

This EXACT same thing happened to me. Never got the late delivery feedback removed because customer support told me I should have offered a mutual cancellation long before the customer cancelled it…

It is an epidemic called “Buyers Don’t Read”. As Fiverr grows, the epidemic grows, yet Fiverr does nothing to protect sellers.

I’m legitimately worried about the literacy rate on Fiverr. I don’t know how many times I directly and clearly answer a question, just to have the buyer immediately ask the exact same question. How many times can I say the same thing before they understand me?

We need to really work this out.

I had numerous orders like this.

One order I let sit for 3 months and counting - I got a response yesterday!

In those cases I send a cancellation request so the order is stopped but the buyer still has the chance to submit the requirements and decline the cancellation.


Very bad , i was in same situation but the buyer finally send me the infos (the order was Very Late when he send me the infos).