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Why is Fiverr rates too expensive and takes more days to withdraw funds

I’ve worked on several Freelancing platforms and have realized Fiverr takes the highest amount (20%) from sellers, worse of it you have to wait for 14days! Something has to be adjusted i think

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If you do not like the rules and conditions, the best thing is not to use site.

Like you said you have plenty other options. So why bother Fiverr?

For over 10 years million users are OK with all.

Fiverr has benefits pros and cons.


Quite frankly you’re not going to change the system!

It’s the way Fiverr has always been, and I’ve been selling on Fiverr for seven years.

In Fiverr’s favour is that I have to do nothing to attract orders - the buyers come direct to me, there are lots of them, and it’s an easy marketplace to find your way around.

The thing is, as a competent freelancer, you will of course have compared the various freelancing platforms in terms of their pros and cons (and that includes fees) before committing to Fiverr. So it’s a bit weird to then come on the forum to then moan about it!

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