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Why is Fiverr so addictive

Fiverr is so addictive. I am spending too much money on Fiverr buying gigs that I don’t really require at this point of time. However, each gig is only for $5, so I can’t resist it and keep on buying gigs even though I don’t really need them. Fiverr is turning me into such an impulse buyer!! :frowning:

Dare I say, I think that’s the whole point. When a business/service becomes addicting, then the business offering the service has succeeded. :wink:

Yes I am the same way. There is always something new I find that gives me an idea for my website and I end up “gigging” out. I understand there are many sellers saying this is a slow time on fiverr or there is something up with the search results. I’m sure it will get better soon, there are alot of addicts surfing this site. :slight_smile:

Reply to @mystic_insight:

And Fiverr is a much healthier addiction to have too. :wink:

pass it, don’t break the cycle! yo!