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Why is Fiverr suddenly all in Spanish?

I have nothing against Spanish…I just don’t speak it very well. I may have been raised in New Mexico, but I took German in high school. I can’t find anywhere that allows me to choose the language I see my account in. Really? REALLY?

I’m trying to answer messages and this little box pops up, letting me know that I can now “See the message in the original English.” There’s some sort of beta going on with a translation feature in the message boxes… Okay super. But why is my page in Spanish when the only language I’ve put on my profile is English, the messages I’m looking at are in English, and I’m sure the servers I’m pinging off of put me in the middle of nowhere USA (where the majority language is actually probably Russian or Polish)? Thanks for making my day harder, Fiverr.

I think you can change the language if you go all the way down at the bottom of the page on the left side. You should have the regional settings there.

Why is it all of sudden French? Now it is back to English.


Realmente todo parece estar en Inglés para mí ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I didn´t realise you already posted this earlier.

I just logged in and it was in French. I figured out how to change it on my own, but why did I need to do it?

I just logged in this morning to a German Fiverr, yesterday it was Spanish. Surely Fiverr should give us an explanation for this??

They better sort this out soon - difficult to make a purchase.

Ha ha I honestly thought it was user error, I just logged in then and low and behold it was in Spanish, I was like wtf but remember this thread, simply logged out and back in and back to English, def a bug at Fiverr’s end, not really surprising though is it? :stuck_out_tongue: