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Why is fiverr support system is too slow and does not have active chat support or agile support system.?

I am a new seller. My experience with Fiverr was good until I confronted with their support system. After a first month when I had 2 project in queue and already completed my 4 projects with 5-star rating. I was happy because of 2 more clients waiting for me.
Then my Fiverr account got restricted. I thought my account will be back after review by the relevant department. But now 30 days I am getting the advice to be calm and be patient.
I’m feeling like I am dealing with Govt department in my own country.

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What was the reason for your account restriction?

Fiverr accounts don’t just get restricted willy nilly (hopefully). There’s a reason behind such an action.

Were you, by any chance, offering a service that Fiverr doesn’t allow and were suddenly detected through completing your orders?

They accuse me for bullying someone. I don’t know why. All massages are the part of Fiverr Profile no one can delete them.

I know they told me the reason. Some report me in chat while all the massages are the part of my profile no one can delete them. I am not dumb who abuse someone. A guy came to me in the chat he asks me about the project everything. I answered but after when he agrees. He asked for a sample. I gave him. Then he asked me for the other sample. I gave him.
He told me both are the same. I am furious on him because already wasted too much time. I just tell him Good Buy You can hire another one. Furthermore, I was happy I did not accept the project of that guy.

Because I had a tight schedule I don’t want to deal with these types of persons who waste time, and it’s really hard to satisfy them.

Just after 5 hours without any TOS Fiverr restricted me. They did not block my payments or existing Projects in the queue. I can not massage any more or sent buyer request. I lose my clients contact.