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Why is Fiverr timing so aggressive


Why is Fiverr timing so aggressive! a gig went through revision and I thought the timing would have paused, when the buyer sent a modification I was surprised that the time was Still reading all the while and has almost elapsed. I was now rushing in order not to deliver late.


If you delivered the gig on time, the delivery timer will actually have stopped, despite the big ‘LATE’ message. No need to rush - take your time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you talking out of experience


Yes, he does. And if you would read and search on the forum you will find a lot of topics saying the same thing.


Have a look here:

Just one example - it’s been asked about a few times. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hunm, but I was really scared and nervous I think someone said at the post you shared the she was affected. Maybe she was late real


If you’re not sure, why not ask CS?


Wow! I never knew that this kind of problem exists anyway and I have never experienced it before.


Yeah I hate when someone requests a modification and the timer STILL ticks down.

Honestly, I think that modifications and revisions are the EXACT same thing. If a seller states “no revisions” then modifications should not even be an option for buyers as well. It just causes a nuisance and unnecessary stress whenever I see that timer still ticking. If you have a question then just reply back in the gig below until the buyer completes the order. Why mess with the timer and create a giant stop on the order? The modification button is pointless.