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Why is Fiverr trying to destroy what they built?

Fiverr made so many of us, Fiverr made us to discover our skills, Fiverr made us to pay our bills, many of us took Fiverr as Full-time job. However, recent developments in Fiverr strongly suggest that there’s discrimination against sellers of non-American sellers. For over a year now, all my gigs have been practically removed from the Fiverr search engine, am certainly not alone in this, several sellers have complained about this without any meaningful response from the customer service. Gig rotation, yea that’s all we get as response but then how come such rotations don’t affect American sellers? In today’s Fiverr all you need is for your account to show American country and just have at least 1 review and boom your account will be in the front page. For instance, I am in the Resume writing category which seems to be the worst affected category in this strange algorithm rotation. A review of this category will show you that non-American have been mostly removed and some American sellers even have the luxury of having 2-3 of their gigs in the front page. It is so bad that even the Buyers’ request section is made to be unless to you, all you can see there are jobs that are not related to your niche or not in the language you will understand. This doesn’t sound like a platform that truly want to give a fair chance to every seller (so the customer service says as reason for rotation).
So if Fiverr wants non-American sellers out of the platform, please they should be open about it, we are spending scarce resources on promotion yet the accounts are obviously being killed from the inside.


Im sorry you had a bad experience - but how can you be sure though, that the fact that you think non-American sellers are rather on the 1st pages is plain because of their origin?

For example I’m German and i rank #1, #2, 1st page for my primary keywords, so I can’t share what you just wrote.

I have been on Fiverr for years now and to some extent, I can tell things have gone wrong. Browsing through the Fiverr community, you can see similar topics as this, Sellers are complaining that their gigs are not visible on the search engine. Check the creators of such topics, they are mostly non-Americans, also check the front page of the “Resume Writing” category, you’ll hardly see non-American sellers while some American sellers have 2-3 of their gigs features in the front page.
Anyway, it’s good that you can still find your gig in the search engine, but pray that this biased algorithm doesn’t get to you.

i feel the same way, i’m from indonesia, my gig start to die gone from search engine lossing impression day by day, even my username can’t be found, now i know why this happen. i have no hope for fiverr anymore better start to find another platform

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