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Why is Gig losing Rank?

At first, Gig’s impression was very low, it was 10-20 hours per day and 4-5 hours per click. After completing an order, two or three days later, I see that the impression and clicks on the gig have increased a lot. Every day 280-290 impressions and many clicks would come. Nowadays the day is passing and both impression clicks are decreasing.
I don’t share gigs in any gig promotion groups. I heard that Gig loses more rank in this. I share gig links with my portfolio (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, etc)
Where and how to share or market the gig to increase the impression and click on the gig. Seeking valuable feedback from experts.


Sad to hear that! But there are some reason behind falling a gig.
Can you please tell me did you edit your gig recently?
Are you less active than before?
Did you upgrade your price?

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No I didn’t edit the gig. And I’m still active on Fiverr.

I think your gig isn’t optimized enough.
Check your GIG again as a buyer. What could impress you what could not.
My simple trick is to write a gig description and design some image preview from buyers point of view. And add tags, keywords from a seller’s point of view.
If you can understand this trick please follow it. I hope it will rank again.

Sharing gig to the social media is not the cause of a gig’s rank fall. Fiverr gave us that share option to publish our gig more and more.
But If you share your gig everywhere, where buyers don’t exist. then it won’t work.
Sharing your gig is a great option. Utilize it by sharing where the real buyers exist.
There are many social media that buyers are seeking for their service online… Share them your Fiverr gig to sell you service on fiverr.

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