Why is giving a tip so confusing and difficult?


I have had problems numerous times when trying to tip a seller. Firstly the tip box comes up with a suggest tip in my currency (GBP pounds sterling). When I change the amount (why would I pay Fiverr’s suggested amount after all?), the currency symbol disappears, but I assume we’re still working in GBP pounds sterling. When I then get through to the final confirmation page, it only shows the tip amount (not the full gig amount) which confuses the hell out of me, and not only that it appears to have treated it as if the currency was actually dollars, and so has now converted it into a smaller amount in GBP pounds sterling. So I end up tipping the seller less than I wanted to. On top of this it seems Fiverr takes a whacking great cut out of the tip which I wasn’t aware of so the seller gets even less of it again. By the end of all this the seller only gets about half of what I intended. What’s that about? It feels very very wrong nd frankly causes a lot of embarrassment. All this should be clear up front. Please explain?


I guess living in the U.S.A. I take things for granted. I’ve never had to deal with conversion factors.

5r has always taken 20% cut in tips. It’s a losing battle, there are several dozen threads talking about fair and unfairness.

You can ask the seller to send you a custom offer or order a tip/consultation gig, if he/she has one, to prevent this from happening.

P.S. if you order often or a bunch of $5 to $15 (U.S. currency) you may want to set up a Team Account. It’ll save you some money on transaction fee.


Thanks Gina, I guess the paying Fiverr commission on tips is going to be one of things you just have to accept but I think its very poor that its not clear when trying to make a tip. The currency conversion confusion seems inexcusable to me. I’d not heard of Team Accounts so will look into that.


I argued about sellers not getting the full tip amount when I first started buying here too, so I know exactly where you’re coming from.

The Team Account is about the only thing 5r has done exclusively for buyers. Yes, you can be a team of one. You set it up, put money on it and pay a one time transaction fee.

For me, it’s $100 + $5 (transaction fee). I can buy or tip up to 20 transactions of $5 gigs and not pay another fee; saving me $15.

I buy here often and in the old days, I used to tip on every 4th order or so of higher amount, now I tip more often in smaller amounts.

Minimum is $50, so if you’re not planning buying again or for a long time, it may not be worth it.


Thanks again GIna, that’s really really useful to know, and would be well worth me considering. In fact it would have saved me quite a bit over the last few weeks as I’ve bought quite a lot of gigs. Will definitely look further into! :slight_smile:


You are a great buyer… Thank you for encouraging fellow sellers with the tips… God bless


Well I don’t always tip every time you must understand. But when a seller is working at a very competitive price, and does a really good job, or goes the extra mile and exceeds the gig requirements, then I think its only fair to show my gratitude and respect. But I have now found there’s something even more wrong with the Fiverr tip system, because if it makes a suggestion of a tip of say £5 GBP, and I click on it, it then actually less than this, quite a bit less than £5 GBP is taken from me - so I am not sure how much the seller gets but I guess a LOT less than £5 GBP. The whole system seems pretty dysfunctional for tipping.


Blame George III. If he’d have been doing his job, this whole thing would be in Sterling. :slight_smile:


I get tips and no one ever mentions it was hard for them to do.