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Why is it a good idea to "Post gigs on social media"?

I’m genuinely interested in understanding why so many people suggest it’s a great idea to post their gigs on social media?

I read a lot of forum posts and it’s one of the bits of ‘advice’ that I see repeated time and time again.

But personally I don’t get it. I just don’t see the point.

Surely if you’re a buyer in the market for a service and you’ve heard of Fiverr, then you’ll simply come straight to Fiverr.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m reading a forum post and I see someone advertise their gig, I just treat it as spam and think the person is a bit desperate and therefore not someone that I would want to do business with.

Am I missing the point? Is their a measurable benefit to posting gigs on social media?


They’re just parroting advice they read somewhere. None of it is legitimate or rooted in how social media can actually generate leads. It doesn’t happen from posting a link repeatedly.

There are YouTube videos and other tutorials that are very popular and influential. All they do is tell you how to spam.

People are just parroting that, plus people like to parrot what others have already said in the forum. They think it makes them look smart and they think if they can pretend to look smart in the forum that they’ll get orders. They’re wrong, of course.


Honestly when I promote my services on social media (Instagram only), I don’t even mention Fiverr. I simply display the work I create for myself and use it as a way to showcase what ever talent I may have. If someone hits me up on social media who is interested in hiring me, we handle the business right then and there.


While I try to have an open mind, your answer is what I suspected.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people can spout rubbish with such confidence and then have others follow like sheep saying this is great advice!

I was genuinely wondering if I was missing a trick. Clearly I’m not.


The answer I gave myself is that it could be useful if you have, say, a Facebook account with a good target audience for the services you provide on Fiverr. Then, by posting your Gig, some people might be interested in checking it out. But it’s really an isolated case, I don’t see the point in sharing on social media either.

I’ve seen some people suggest making a Facebook page and share your services there, but it makes absolutely no sense. It takes time to grow a Facebook page and who would want to follow a page that only shares Fiverr links of a specific person? :sweat_smile:


Yeah “sheep” is right.

I honestly think a lot of those sellers only come to the forum for confirmation bias. They want assurance that getting a gig is simple as posting it regularly on social media, for example. (It doesn’t)

As for the people who share this bad advice, I’ve never understood why people think it will help them to pretend they understand something that they actually don’t and why they think they understand.

You’ll notice that that sellers who parrot this nonsense have never made a sale. It doesn’t occur to them that people will catch on that they are bluffing to try to look smart.


I think if you do marketing perfectly in social media it will be helpful

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Exactly. It is the strategy that can help, not merely the fact that you’re posting your link. And as @j6nyc6 pointed out, the link isn’t generally even what leads to the sale and sharing said link can and often probably will deter people. People want to see value and insights, not hustle.

As you say, why would someone follow a page if all they do is tell you to buy something? I don’t understand why so many people don’t consider what people actually want to see on social and instead just do what they want people to see.


Every other person that posted in this thread disagrees with you. Do you have facts to prove what you think?


And what do you mean by “marketing perfectly”? Anyone using that phrase is showing that they have no idea what social media marketing even is.


I give my opinion what I think

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I think by “perfectly” he meant what I was saying, that it is based on your strategy and execution.

But of course saying to market “perfectly” is not tangible or meaningful advice. It’s pointless, actually.


But why do you think that? What proof do you have? How many sales have you made due to social media marketing?

If you show no credentials, your opinion is worthless.


Exactly. Which is why there’s also a lot of people complaining they get “views” but not orders. Someone should tell them more views =/= more orders, but I guess their Youtube gurus don’t tell them that :roll_eyes:


Exactly. He is hoping “perfectly” will mean he can give advice without being accused of giving incorrect advice.

It’s totally useless, of course. He wants to look smart despite not understanding. This is exactly what I was talking about, @english_voice. The irony of posting that in this thread. :rofl:


It’s so true.

As a consultant I’ve noticed that it’s common everywhere for people to recommend you focus on getting vanity metrics and to celebrate vanity metrics.

Even A LOT of public relations agencies put in their portfolio that the success they got for their clients was that they increased Likes and followers… So when even reputable companies spew this nonsense it’s somewhat easy to see why people will assume it’s true.

I always say people can be very influential on social in your niche despite having like 30 followers and few Likes and vice versa. There’s no correlation between vanity metrics and conversions.


The message from those who know what social media marketing is simply gets diluted by short attention spans and lack of commitment.

The basic fact is that it is possible to get a lot of orders through social media.
Mek sells (Skill level: MS0) will stop reading at this point and just parrot this advice as if it is helpful. It isn’t helpful because this just gives the platform/media that can be used. It doesn’t explain how to approach it

Companies, even smaller ones, have people assigned to manage social media in a certain way to drive website traffic and sales.
Experienced Meksells (Skill level MS1 (a point because they can spell their own name)) stop reading here and go share the good news that you drive traffic and sales through social media. Still no advice on how

Those who have learned how to approach social media for marketing set themselves up as an expert in their field (just one technique of many) and post advice and interesting information on social channels as well as niche forums and elsewhere which builds their reputation.
Average sellers (MS25) stops reading or remembering from here. Shares this info either directly with others or while scolding MS0s and MS1s for giving unhelpful advice. They also won’t try the advice/method out themselves.

Then there are some who see the above advice and explore it more, possibly by asking more specific questions or by getting answers from other places. Some may even do a short course on social media, some will read books by big influencers and experts.

Finally there are those who understand that social media marketing (aside from fluke viral moments like happened to SocalChrist or others) takes a lot of time to get yourself established. As a result, they set aside a short amount of time each day, week, or fortnight to focus on their online presence. Of course, they know spamming is never good and so instead they show their expertise and help people - knowing that others will also see this info in the future.
After a couple of months, they get a message from someone who says “Hey, saw your answer on [forum of some type] and thought it made sense. Can you look at this for me.” This client is nice, polite, pays well and respects the seller’s opinion because they know the expertise involved - they saw it on that forum, that’s why they came!
This gives a bit of a boost to the seller and they expand their social media efforts to maybe 10-15 minutes per day instead of the 30 mins/week they had been doing. After approx 18 months of commitment, the seller gets around a third of their work from social media and has been able to increase pricing.

That is how social media can help get sales.


I am also confused about that. Even i see on Facebook there are some groups having 70 80K followers, and name as “Fiverr Gig Promotion”. They just spam there and when i see their profiles mostly of them with 0 sales. Newbie don’t really understand the true meaning of social media marketing. They just put links in comment box and telling other to give them heart on their gig and i’ll do on yours which is totally non sense. I agreed with @humanissocial @caesar_english .


And how is this exactly? How do you “do marketing perfectly.” Explain it in more detail…

I think in some cases social media works. You need to know what to share and where. I usually find my customers on facebook groups or on reddits.