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Why is it every time I hire someone on Fiverr, they never can deliver my project on time?

Why is it every time I hire someone on Fiverr, they never can deliver my project on time?

I’d highly suggest contacting the buyer prior to placing an order. Sometimes customers have ordered from me without first recognizing that what they want doesn’t fit within the $5 purchase.

Communicating before a purchase helps you out by reassuring that you’re going to get what you are seeking and helps the seller out by allowing them to assess whether or not they can deliver the item on time.

Negative comments and ratings do highly impact a sellers profile; most genuine sellers on here will respond fairly quickly (allow reasonable time to pass if you’re contacting on a holiday, weekend or across different time zones) and be able to definitively let you know if they can deliver your request within the time frame.

I’ve had conversations with potential buyers where I knew I couldn’t provide what they were after for either the price or time-frame, and have always felt that they were positive conversations for both of us.

Best of luck!

Hire Me B-)

It depends on what you are ordering and the seller that you are using. Sometimes when I am sick I cut my deadlines close but I always let the buyer know that I may be a few minutes late. Also, there are times when someone places an extremely large order. Before they order I let them know in advance that I may run a few hours over the deadline.

I’ve had instances where my customer orders several products in one order, leaving me with 3 days to deliver… say 4 products, it’s gonna take a lot more than 3 days to do these things.

Letting your customer know about the delay is the best option tho.

You have to look at the seller’s reviews when you order and this will help you determine if they are a reliable seller. There are some serious Fiverr sellers (like myself) who take delivering on time very seriously because I know how important it is to buyers to get their project on time.

My advice before ordering is to look at the seller’s reviews, and also check out their response time. If a seller’s response time is under a few hours, this means they are serious at working hard on Fiverr, so they probably are serious about delivering on time as well.

Exactly as yourhighness said. You should check the seller’s level, reviews and rating and even contact them before placing and order to see how quick, serious and professional they are in their responses.

How many orders have you done. I just googled your username and the only links that showed up was for this forum and your profile???

Not every seller is responsible, I’ve heard it all.

“I’m sick,” “I got busy,” “my internet was down.” Big freaking deal, I have paid for Internet access at Kinko’s, I’ve used free internet at McDonalds. If I really can’t do it, I’ll offer a cancellation instead of wasting my buyer’s time.

Hire me, and you’ll get delivery in 3-days, if not sooner. Depends on how busy I am. Delivery in 3-2 days if I’m busy, 1-day if I’m not.

Could be anything;

  • You’re hiring the wrong people.
  • Your orders are unreasonable.
  • etc

    I’d advice contacting the seller before you order to test responsiveness and ensure then CAN deliver your order on time.

    Good luck

your trying to get $1000000000 worth out of $5 full stop

I have been trying to get a resume design since Wednesday. The first seller was late then replied he was having a hard time uploading. Then nothing, then I hired another seller and he is late. The first seller did not have any complaints and was a top seller. The second one is not rated because I did not have the time or money to hire another one for such a short period of time. I was not able to go to an interview because of my resume. I do not like the fact that now we cant cancel once they are late and have to wait another 24 hours after the designated delivery time. I feel once late and no response it should be cancelled and allow us to get another seller and just being able to comment that seller didn’t meet deadline when you havent responded we should write a negative review.