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Why is it happens with a new seller?

Hello Guys How are you all ? Hope everybody well . It’s my first discussion on fiverr forum .I am facing a big problem with my ID . So I would really like to request to the seniors please read my problems carefully and suggest me some better idea . I will be really glad if you guys help me .

I had started work in fiverr about 2 month ago and I have complete my 1st 10 sells with excellent ratings .But my 1st rank was not be given to me. I had contact to the support team and they said I had tried to contact with my buyers out of fiverr that’s why my rank was not given. It’s true . I did this . But after that I have become more aware about this and did not tried to communicate with the seller out of the fiverr .

Again I have complete 10 more sells in fiverr But this time again my rank was not given. Again I had contact to the support team but after contact the support fiverr had given me a a notification in my ID , They said I had again tried to do the same thing I had done before. Trust me I did not do it any more and please think about it , " IF I TRIED TO COMMUNICATE OUT OF FIVERR THAN FIVERR SHOULD NOTIFY ME WHEN I DID THIS , THEY NOTIFIED ME BEFORE COMPLETING MY RANK GOAL WHEN I DID THIS 1ST TIME . BUT THIS TIME THEY NOTIFIED ME WHEN ALL WAS FINISHED " is it fair ? .

However I was more careful about this matter and start the work again and have completed more 10 sells. But I am really very upset to say that again fiverr did not give me my rank. There was a notification when I had completed my 9 sells. Do you know why my rank was not given this time ? I send a massage to some people who was massaged me and was interested about my services.I just send a discount offer to them. But maybe they did not wanted to communicate with me. Than Fiverr warn me about my massage.

I am really very upset and fed up about this type of behavior with me. Please suggest me something what should I do now ? Should I change my ID ? Please help me guys. I am really depressed about this and it seems I will never achieve any rank with this ID.

Fiverr is very strict in such cases.
You will get to level 1 and 2 but it may take some time.
They take some time to monitor your activities and act accordingly. Just keep working and following the rules and you will get there.
I will suggest you to contact them after a month or two to check the status.

You said this:
“I send a massage to some people who was massaged me and was interested about my services.I just send a discount offer to them. But maybe they did not wanted to communicate with me. Than Fiverr warn me about my massage.”

That can be considered spam. Sending out discount offers to people is not something you should do. If someone messages you about your services, you should answer their message at that time. If you wait and go back to them out of the blue then that would be considered spam. Depending on how many people you did that too, that could be a problem. How many people did you send discount offers do?

Hello @kay2809 Thanks for your helpful comments . But would you please tell me is if fair if I do anything what I should not did but someone warn me after a very long time ? I think fiverr should warn me when I did that .Isn’t it ?

Reply to @sincere18: Thank you so much for such a great, inspirational and helpful comment . I did not know that is a spam . And yes I have read the terms but not fully from the top to bottom , I will must read that ASAP. Do you have any Idea If I did not do any mistake again than will fiverr give me my rank when I will fill up my up coming goal ? I am relly very upset about this matter . My friend started work on fiverr about 25 days ago . But he already archived his 1st rank by doing 10 works.

Reply to @sincere18: Hello Friend . Thanks for your kind info . I had send maybe 10 or 12 massage and maybe 4 or 5 people did not wanted to see that .

Reply to @hosainabid: unfortunately sending out 10 messages and having about 50% not want them is too much, and that is spam.

I would just keep working now that you know all of this and eventually it will happen.

You also have to realize that this isn’t the same as working for yourself when you are using the Fiverr site. So spend some time reading the full terms of Service (have you read the whole thing top to bottom and all the fine print?) and then get an idea.

But as long as you are getting sales then just keep going, consider youreself that you are actually doing good to keep getting orders.

Reply to @hosainabid: It is not Fiverrs job to babysit everyone and tell them as soon as they are doing something wrong. When something comes up, they will look at your account and see how you have been working and notice if there are any problems.

Reply to @hosainabid: sincere18 has summed up everything and it should be enough.
Just keep following the rules and remember that people can ask when they need something and it’s not nice to keep bugging them by asking if they need anything.
Some people only need a job done once in a couple of months and others who are regular buyers choose themselves. Use the buyer requests section if you want to bid on the projects.
It takes some time to settle here on fiverr for regular orders from repeat clients and new ones.
Good luck.

Reply to @sincere18: I know its not , I did not meant that my friend . Please try to understand , When I had made 1st mistake fiverr warn me after a hew hours.But about my 2nd mistake they did not warn me. When I had contact to the support they told me I did something wrong and after that they send me a notification with a warning . Do you think it was right ?

Reply to @kay2809: Thank you and will keep it on my mind . Thanks a lot .