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Why is it not possible to change country?

In the Fiver profile, it is not possible to change your own country. I don’t see how Fiver gains from restricting users from changing it. Does anyone know?


Why do you need to change your country? Your country is determined by where your IP says you are accessing the internet from, confirmed by your ID and credentials. There is no need to change the country that is listed on your account, and, if, for some reason the country is not the same as those elements describe, then talk to Customer Support about it. They are the only people who can help you.


But why restrict? Who gains from it? There are many valid reasons that someone may want to change their country. If you go to support, you have to go through all the unnecessary bureaucracy.

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Fiverr does this for security reasons, and to help buyers get a better understanding of the general status of a seller they choose to work with.

There is no valid reason to change the country listed on your account, if the country reflects who you are and where you work from. If there’s a problem that you feel needs to be addressed, then, yes, you will have to “go through all the unnecessary bureaucracy”.

Why do you feel your listed country needs to be changed?


Moved countries. It’s difficult to provide the required evidence as they won’t allow IDs or bank statements for security reasons. Another example that I can think of: what happens if you’re on holiday when the account was created?

Your country and time will change when you move countries automatically. If you could change it yourself, 90% of sellers would say they’re from America to have a better reputation.


Have you taken this to CS, and asked for their help? If you moved countries, and can prove that you now live in the new country, Fiverr may be able to help.

This. 100%. …


I just wanted to know the reason, so thanks for the information. I tried, but they were not able to provide a list of approved documents.

Well. If your country is in a major geopolitical dispute with another neighboring country and you don’t want people from said neighboring country to target you to have debates or just throw insults your way… I’d love to have the “unknown” option for that reason, for instance.

I’m not advocating for random changes to something specific but “unknown” would be nice. That being said, CS told me they weren’t even considering to give the sellers that option (or any option to manually change the geolocation, for the matter), so here we are.


Then your profile will forevermore state you’re from that country. This exact thing happened to me and Customer Support told me it would change automatically once I’d access a number of times for a period of time on a new location.

Well, I have since lived in 2 different countries (as in 1+ years), and visited a few more (1+ months), and it has never changed, nor I think it ever will. Truth to be told I wouldn’t mind being in Thailand now.

It doesn’t particularly bothers me, but yet just another reason why I think countries shouldn’t be publicly listed at all.

If they have user’s local hours, which as far as I can tell are accurate, and we can list our spoken languages, as well as our level, and take tests on it, then stating countries seems to me just like another way to invite prejudice towards some countries, and therefore sellers from that location.

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Yes. People don’t seem to realize how prevalent this issue is.

My location switched to Norway at some point when I lived there for around a month and a half. I didn’t even notice right away, just couldn’t figure out why I became so popular among Scandinavian buyers out of sudden.

It switched back after I got home. I kind of miss being Norwegian, not going to lie.

Your case just blew my mind, though. It is completely in line with the way this site behaves sometimes. When something is supposed to happen and then things just get stuck and CS has no clue as to why and just suggests that you clear your cache and cookies repeatedly. You’d think they had ways to reset the location if presenting it accurately is so important to them.

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Similar happened to me, only I wasn’t on vacation. I was living in my home country when I made the account a few years back but ended up not getting any orders at the time and forgot about it. Couple months ago I decided to try again and I’m now living in another continent and it still says my home country although I’ve been logging in daily and I’ve gotten over 10 orders since then. It doesn’t bother me that much, the only problem is that people usually message me or order from my gig when I’m asleep :joy:

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Up until reading your message I really thought locations wouldn’t change for anyone, but now I realize I might be a special case. Go figure…

I don’t think it affects me that much but I can see that being a problem for writers and translators if their profile state a different location from the services (languages) they provide.

I’ve had a few Thais (mostly expats) contacting me as they thought I’d be from there, so in my case it confuses the buyers more then it helps them.

I actually like waking up to orders :moneybag:

It does not.
I created my Fiverr in Italy, but now I actually am in the US and I would like people to see I’m in the US, but I can’t. I’m not using any VPN.