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Why is it so difficult to make sales on Fiverr

After the disintegration of sellers’ level, I have been having difficulties getting orders. I have tried revisiting and improving my profile and gig details but all to no avail. No made any sales for months.

What’s happening, anyone should please suggest how to handle this, it’s really frustrating to have skills and not utilise them the way you’d want to.

Open to suggestions from this forum.



Hello @rarelola!

Have you tried promoting your gigs via social media/sending offers on buyer’s requests?

I’ve had dry order spells on Fiverr quite a few times, but it always gets better eventually. When I was struggling with no orders, I sent out a lot of offers on (reasonable) buyer’s requests - I contacted anyone who wanted writing services akin to the ones I offered. Now, the reason why I stress on ‘reasonable’, is because tons of buyers out there want ridiculous amounts of work done for meagre amounts of money (it’s beyond me how some buyers expect 25,000 words to be proofread for 5 frick*n dollars. Honestly, those peeps need to go somewhere and get their heads examined.)

But what I’m trying to say is, even though I held out on a lot of buyers and only approached the reasonable-sounding bids, sales did start trickling in for me. It was slow at first, but I did pick up momentum over the course of time.

If you try marketing yourself and your skill set on social media/buyers requests, I’m sure you’ll have the right kind of takers for your services very soon. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps. Cheers!


Thank you so much for sharing this concise recommendations.

I’ve tried promoting my gigs via social media and also sent over 250 offers on buyer’s request, yet no sales recorded. This period of dry order is really frustrating.

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Oh :confused: that’s strange. I guess it’s because of their algorithm - let’s hope it changes and you get some visibility soon. Do continue to keep trying new things with your gigs and switching it up, something may click. :slight_smile: All the best!

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