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Why is it so hard for buyers to READ the description of a GIG?

I clearly have on a few of my gig to “PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING THE GIG”, on bold highlighted letters, and it’s the first thing you see on the description of the gig, but apparently some buyers just read the title of the gig, it pisses me off to have to cancel an order just because the buyer didn’t read the description, :sweat: because cancelling an order will have an effect on my profile (not a good one), is there a way for it not to negatively affect my profile?

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Fiverr isn’t designed so that buyers have to message sellers before they start - usually it’s expected that the seller will be able to get the information they require after the buyer orders and completes the requirements.

I had a few cases where buyers bought my gig and didn’t read the description properly - I spent some time tightening up my description, adding to my FAQ, images, video etc. - haven’t had a misplaced order since.


You can use the FAQs feature on your gig so that buyers questions gets even more clear. But, if still buyer does not read the description and FAQs too. Than I think nothing more can be done about that. I would suggest you add a video to your gig so buyers who don’t read “may” watch the video before ordering.


True on the FAQ’s. My non-reading, automatic-ordering-despite-not-providing-the-service-buyers have gone way down since that handy dandy feature appeared. Still about once every three months though, I’ll get one order through where the buyer either didn’t really speak English or just decided he or she was illiterate. We can only do so much, but it takes all kinds of people to make the world go 'round I guess.

Success to you all!


Totally agree with offlinehelpers


Hahaha yes I get this on occasion where someone will ask if I provide design services.

Like. No. I provide content copy and blog posts or travel writing. That’s why you came to a WRITER. If you need design, you go to a DESIGNER. So what I did was worked with a friend of mine who does design whose hourly rate is something like $40 Canadian and put this as a gig extra with $35 an hour after the first hour at $40. Hilarously since people have seen this (presumably), I haven’t had a single person ask for design lolololol. I figured if I keep getting asked for design, I may as well work with a designer friend of mine and get him more work too!


Thank you all for your answers, I’ll try to add the FAQ’s section to my gig and if that doesn’t work I’ll go with the Video!