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Why is it so hard to find a responsive designer


I think of myself as a pretty decent buyer and all i want is a designer who is responsive and quick. I do all my work in real time so i only order express gigs. I really wish i could find one that was responsive at a quicker than 6 hour response time. Really wish there was a chat solution on this website.


You have to understand that ‘6 hours’ is a lot to ask for over the internet. Not all of us are in the same time zone. I know I am in the Japanese time zone so if something like that was demanded of me, I would not be able to do it. You also have to understand that most of the BEST sellers are swamped with work on a regular basis and most of us cannot take the time to answer you on the dot because usually when we are not communicating, we are working! When we are not working, we are taking a break and living a life outside of Fiverr!

Please try to be understanding of that.


I truly do understand that but i specifically requested someone to work with me in real time i even gave out when i would be working with specifics… i know i am a demanding buyer but im willing to pay the extra for express and me being demanding. just thought it would be easier.


I agree with mrspanda. And also, you have to understand that sellers have jobs, families, and sometime school, so its hard to find someone who can be available all hours of the night. If you order at 1am, and they’re sleep, it’s almost impossible to expect your order to be complete by 7am.


Reply to @thefiverguy: Just keep doing what you’re doing. Make sure you work with buyers in your time zone and make sure you explain and get them to AGREE to working real-time with you.

And try to remember that even with paying for express gigs, Fiverr™ is an outsourcing GIG system. If you need someone who is absolutely at your immediate beck and call you need to hire an in-house designer - and there are incredibly few places on the planet where you’ll get one of those for 5 or 10 dollars.

There are some other sites where you can find real-time workers - you can even share desktops and whiteboard functionality. But again, you’ll be paying real living wages for that type of service.


Fiverr is like 95-98% percent of my clientele and i still don’t communicate in real time. I only do one express gig and thats a logo gig where the customer gets 1 design. if they want work on projects where they get multiple designs with revisions it’s more time. I have my phone set to receive active notifications and I’m always answering messages but even I’m not available all the time. i like to have down time to sleep, run errands, watch tv, and spend time with my girlfriend and family. If you need a designer like a virtual assistant…well then that’s a little more than a Fiverr.


Well I’m a designer and I have all my emails and messages come straight to my phone.


A lot of designers can’t afford smart phones! In the past decade, ‘designers’ have become a dime a dozen - 0.0083 cents doesn’t buy much. :slight_smile:


I have delivered my works also in less than 2 hours… (usually I deliver in less than 6 hours! :wink: ) but it depends from many factors…

-Timezone of the customers…

-Complexity of the work…

-Other commitments…

We have also a life outside here! XD


I misinterpreted the title and thought you were looking for someone to design you a responsive website.

Anyways, as others have pointed out it all comes down to a number of factors. As a fellow seller, I always try to deliver well before time but sometimes things don’t work out as planned and that can cause some delay.


Heres a great image that sums up graphic design.

I usually respond to buyers within 12- 24 hours. wWhen i do i often have over 50 messages daily so as you can imagine this takes time. I try to keep contact to the minimum and let the designs speak for themselves. Ask yourself, would you prefer more contact over quality of work? If you would prefer both ask the buyer if you could pay more for quick responses.