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Why is it so hard to find someone to manage online marketing for percentage of sales?

I can’t seem to find anyone that I can trust to take over online sales. Anyone have any ideas?

I’m sorry, could you clarify what you’re trying to do a little more?

Suspicious positing… people be careful.

You just said why - because of trust!

If I get offer to do marketing for someone and get percentage of sales I would rarely accept because I would depend on your honesty, trust and your product.

So I just do not want to spend a lot of my time and money to marketing your product and then realize you will run away, you will stop doing that because of any reason or you will just change rules etc etc…

I don’t think this is the right platform. Fiverr sellers need payment before beginning work - you won’t know ahead of time what their percentage would be. If you’re offering sales commission, you might want to try to sign up with a website that has a base of affiliates with a program set up to manage it all.

Perhaps you could pay in advance - say 1 month of marketing for X dollars. If you like their ratings, you hire them, If you like the work, you continue to pay in advance. Sounds like a plan.

Sounds like a scam start up to me from the OP…Hey hate me…But it seems like such, maybe not…

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For some reason, not all of these posts are showing for me, but from what I’m reading I don’t think that fiverr is really the place for what you’re looking for and I don’t even know of a service that would market based on results. This sounds like a spec project and really any time you want to market, it costs money to do so and you gamble on your returns.

The only way that I know of to do even close what you are asking for is to offer some sort of affiliate program. That is, assuming that I’m understanding from what I can piece together on these posts.