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Why is it so hard to leave a review?

About 3 weeks ago I had a great experience with a seller. I now want to leave a great review, but can’t seem to figure out how?

I’ve looked at the order page, the sellers page, my emails…

Has it been too long?

Seems crazy not to make it easier to figure out. Please let me know how.


If I remember right (and I’m not positive I do) you have about 30 days to leave a review under current policies. You could try asking the seller to redeliver. That can re-trigger the review option but I’m not sure how long you can do that.

It is usually not that difficult to leave a review, but Fiverr had to restrict the time because of review system abuse. There were unfortunately buyers who would come back even months after a purchase, attempt to manipulate sellers into low priced or free work and if they refused, a bad review was left. I doubt it was a high percentage since most buyers on Fiverr and great, but there are always some bad apples. You could also try contacting Customer Support to see if they can fix the issue if you think there might be a glitch on that particular gig review.

Try this link
If not there then it may be too late to review it

Thank you. Didn’t see it there which I guess means it is indeed too late. I will try some of your suggestions. If not there already, I’d suggest Fiverr add a “you only have a limited time to…” message in their emails.

if this is really burning bad: contact the seller, order a $5 gig and give him the feedback there. good luck