Why is it so hard to leave a tip for a job well done?


gigs on fiverr are usually way lower than the actual cost price of a gig… it would be nice to see the sellers tip gig actually getting some funds if the jobs are well done.


My tip gigs gets ordered. Two weeks ago, one of my buyers tipped me $25. I was shocked, especially seeing how I delivered his order days later. I was super polite though, plus I always keep buyers up-to-date on my progress.

Anytime you do a job, you can always say something at the end like “P.S. If you’re really happy with my service/gig, feel free to tip me by ordering [INSERT GIG URL HERE]. Thank you again for ordering my gig. I appreciate your business.”


Reply to @madmoo: very nice idea!! =D>


agreed! :slight_smile: x


Yes, a tip at completion would be awesome.


Funny, I just added my tip gig tonight. I hope it gets some funds. That’s a great idea, @madmoo.


Moo and I discovered that my tip gig only shows up in certain circumstances. I have had quite a few returning customers over charge themselves on a gig to tip me. But ironically- they always want to hit express order when they do it. I then explain that I will have to send them a “phony” delivery to stop the clock…but no one wants to see that clock winding down.


Reply to @madmoo: Yes, I would love such a feature! It would be awesome, not to mention a greater incentive for sellers to work harder&better!


Reply to @musiclover: awesome tip there!


There are very few generous people in this world. And the people who scam are also increasing. Only way to make people tip you or atleast say few good words for the work is - “overdeliver”. Some people randomly come out and be generous that way and make your day. Rest is just hard work and harsh life anyway :slight_smile:


Keep it mind that it may be as simple as asking your buyer for a little extra ‘love’ for a job well done. This ‘love’ could be a tip, it could be asking them directly if they know of anyone else that would be interested in your gig, or anything else you can think of to ask. You don’t have to be pushy and it always helps to include words such as “sorry to bother you” or “thank you so much for your time”.

Just remember that selling in Fiverr is, well, selling. I know that seems obvious, but understand that CLOSING A SALE is the most difficult part of selling, even for the most experienced salesperson. But at the end of the sale, you have to ask for the money. If you don’t ask for the money, you may not get the money.

You’d be surprised how willing buyers may be if their are asked (politely!).


I just started a new discussion on this very topic. I’d love to get everyone’s take on it… http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/19292/make-a-tip-without-asking-for-a-tip


when I get a job well done I use them many times over and recommend them to my friends which is even better than a tip in my opinion.


Reply to @madmoo: That’s a very good idea. I hope you actually sent that to Fiverr.