Why is it so hard to understand Customer Service?


I see numerous threads everyday; A buyer or a seller, some frustrated person kicking the top of their monitor and yelling like Bruce Banner…

Either they can’t figure out how to contact customer service or they’ve created a thread to “speak” to customer service directly.

What is the deal?

My first two months on fiverr was spent watching the threads and learning from top rated sellers. I youtube’d tips and watched tutorials. Why be in a marketplace- as a buyer or seller- and have no idea how the system works?

Maybe I lucked out…because I thought to contact the most active people on this forum and they turned out to be wonderful and helpful people.

Somethings (I was told) are secret…fair enough. I’m lucky to be here, frankly.

I didn’t want to come into their backyard and muck up the joint with mouthy threads that question the fabric of an online market society that obviously works well.

So what is it? What is tripping people up?


"My first two months on fiverr was spent watching the threads

and learning from top rated sellers."

I am with you 150% with this, but surprisingly sooooooo many people don’t do this, and

just expect to get sales/help within a few days of creating a gig.

It’s true, part of it is luck. The rest is hard work. And patience. And patience.

And oh did I say patience?? :smiley:


people don’t seem to have patience these days and for some reason people don’t like using a “search” for the answers (all the info is there you just need to look).


I dunno Blynx… I rarely disagree with you- but all of that stuff is located in the same initial area and fairly descriptive- as it pertains to directions.

I’m with Zeus; I think people expect the work to be done for them.



I’ve always wanted to write a book. I just can’t find anyone to write it for me. :slight_smile: