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Why is it still impossible to log in to Fiverr with Firefox?


I have been trying to do this for YEARS!!!
still impossible


Fiverr has always been optimized for Chrome. Most people can use Firefox up to a point but Fiverr has been transparent about Chrome as default.


I use firefox and have no issues logging in to Fiverr.


I never faced any issue using Fiverr with Mozilla Firefox on MS Windows machine. You may check the Version of your installed Mozilla FF if it is up to date or not.


Even if it’s up to date like mine is, there’s something that can stop being able to log in to Fiverr. I can’t log in to Fiverr with Firefox (though I used to use just Firefox with Fiverr a long time ago). It’s a Fiverr problem, like there’s issues with other browsers (eg. Safari, IE).

Hopefully one day Fiverr will fix it so that those who can’t log in to Fiverr with Firefox will be able to. I’ve not had this problem on other sites. The exact same log in details work in Chrome and IE but do nothing when using them on Firefox (it just returns to the log in screen with no error message).

It might help if users contact CS and report the bug so they know there are multiple users with Firefox who can’t log in to Fiverr with it.


Of course my firefox is up to date!
On my Mac and my PC , it always has been for the many years that I have
been trying to get this working.

Tech support always say the same thing - clear your cache, update your browser :slight_smile:

Is it OK if I ask if you definitely have fiverr working on your firefox browser?
because will help us troubleshoot if you are a successful firefox use case.

thanks for any advice.