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Why is it taking so long for my 1st order?

HI everyone, I am new here.I just wanted to ask how long does it take for a person to get their 1st order?


You can’t expect people to help you if you barely give out any information about what you do and what amount of time “so long” is.

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Sorry, my mistake.
I have been on fiverr for almost 1 year but during the 1st six months I just gave up on it. I have just rejoined it and it has been 1 month.
I provide people with blog and article writing services.

Be confident what you provide.
Try make your gig awesome!
Write something about your services specifically.


Like a previous poster said, write a bit about yourself and your services in your gig description–what makes you unique and why should they choose you? If you have degrees or special training, put this somewhere. This can also be done by specializing–maybe you are better at writing a specific genre of articles? Narrowing your target market a bit can help.

I’ve only gotten a handful of sales so far, but it’s slowly picking up and one thing that maybe helped is customer focus. I write about myself in my gig, but I also mention the customer and how I endeavor to meet customer needs. Most important, is when you do have a customer, is to do your best to exceed their expectations. This means you may have to work a bit harder for your first customers, but once you build a reputation for exceeding the customer expectations, your orders will grow. (this last bit is something I learned in my quality and customer focus business courses at uni).
Recently, I shared my gig on twitter which another has recommended and I have less than ten followers…yet somehow someone found it, and now they are so pleased that they are a return customer.
Anyways this is my experience…best of luck to you!

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There is no time limit or deadline for get order. Sometimes you get order very early sometimes it get more time

Thanks…will surely try those methods