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Why is it taking so long for my revenue to clear?

I completed my gig on Sept. 29th, and it is taking until October 5th to clear? Why is it taking such an immense amount of time? This is kind of getting annoying.

Did you read the Agreement before you started using Fiverr? It clearly states that funds take 14 days to clear. Up to 17 days if the buyer does not need feedback.

It’s just the way the website works, to make sure that the buyer actually has the funds necessary in order to pay you and to make sure there is enough time to mediate any order disputes if they happen to come up.

If you complete your tasks earlier than deadline and buyer does not respond to completion the system waits till the last date for clearance. after the order completion you have to wait 15 days for money to add up in account. this is to safeguard from the paypal refund policies. If we were to be doing this solo then we have to wait 30 days usually for allowing the customer to refund or resolute issues. At fiverr they have this at 15 days after the order delivery. :slight_smile:

If we were doing this solo, we’d get paid immediately via Paypal. Where do you come up with 30 days?

Fiverr likes making extra money on your money and that’s why it takes so long.

fiverr is great. i have tried upwork, guru, freelancer etc. but this is great

I was wondering that too. I send my work in earlier then 24hrs and marked completed the same day with 5 star reviews. Still takes 2 weeks to clear. I dont get it either

it will always take 14 days to clear. sometimes even 17 days if the buyer doesn’t mark it complete right away.

Mine were all marked completed within a hour of sending my work. I seen somewhere in a blog or post where eventually the pay gets faster to clear when you get great reviews.

7 days is the clearance period if you are a top rated seller. 14-17 days for everyone else.