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Why is it that I cant leave feedback on a order that I cancelled?

Hey there Forum,

I was bummed by the fact that I couldn’t leave a review after I was forced to cancel two orders, from two different sellers. I requested for them to do product descriptions to which they both agreed, however my expierience with these sellers was garbage. The first seller promised me that the gig would be finnished within 3 days and gave me updates where he stated that there has been progress and I have nothing to worry about, another day passes and he told me that he is almost finished and that I will recieve my word file by the next day. I heard nothing from him that day, radio silence. The day after the deadline I woke up to message saying that he is sorry, but he wont be able to deliver the work he promised.

The second seller in question turned everything in on time, however there was a BIG ISSUE. The work was 100% plagiarised. She took product descriptions straight from amazon without bothering to change a single thing and turned the work in as her own. Once again this was blamed on a partner and she told be that she was busy preparing for her wedding.

How is this acceptable? And why can’t I warn other people about potential fraud and potential lawsuits because the work was plagiarised? This could’ve been prevented if there was actually an honest review system in place. Now it seems that you can only leave a review if you were pleased by the results.

Sure I got my money back, but my time was wasted. I made it clear to the seller that it was a time sensitive job and what would have happened if I hadnt noticed the? What if I blindly trusted the sellers because of the good reviews? If this happened to me I can only imagine how many other people have fallen victim to this.

I want to call them out for their unproffesional and illegal behaviour. This isnt fair to anybody. Can I name them on this forum and provide evidence?


Sellers are penalized by Fiverr, and they can get demoted if they don’t keep high stats. So they are penalized anyway.

As for reviewing something you didn’t pay for in the end, isn’t that unethical? You have the right to review if you actually paid for a service. But it sounds fair to me that people who receive a refund shouldn’t be able to write a review. This way competitors could easily manipulate the system, buy a gig and then refund it just to share a bad review. So… you can see how this can go wrong.


Because you had your money back, simple as that.

If you already accepted the order and leave a 1 star review and requested a cancelation from Customer Support, sellers are left with a 1 star review of an order they didn’t get paid for, and sellers also lose their time.

Fiverr Customer Support is buyer as much buyer friendly as anyone can hope for and the fact that you want to hurt sellers even though you got refunded seems cruel to me.


Hmm i would never do that… I would study the client requirements before accepting the deal… I would discuss the project with them. I dont know what the job was but if its about graphics designs contact me next time…

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I dont think that its unethical. I order a service, the seller couldnt do it and therefore deserves a negative rating. I should review the seller based on their performance.

I did end up buying their service and I expected it to be delivered, but it wasnt. They both wasted my time and I lost money because of it. Isnt it more unethical to plagiarize? This is all valid feedback and buyers deserve to know.

Fiverrs review system is rigged, people who are unhappy with the service cant leave reviews meaning that the seller can buy their own service and post good reviews.

Either way I bought the service and whether or not I got my money back, if it was the sellers fault I should be able to leave a negative review. I’ve noticed one thing and almost no seller has a review below 3 stars. The seller who plagiarised my content had a 4.9 rating and will continue to plagiarize and people will fall victim because she included a fake “plagiarism check”.

Because of this more than 1 week of my time was wasted and I had a strict deadline to follow. And who is going to compensate me for that. No one. So the least I could do is leave a negative review right?

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Sure I get that. But either way, the pros of being able to leave a negative review outweigh the cons. Because of my expierience on here I no longer have confidence in fiverr. I surely didnt expect some one with a 5 star rating to do something like this.

If you ask me fiverr is a marketplace and should protect their buyers. The same way if I were to go to an ad agency, and they screwed me over I would be able to leave a negative review about them even though I was refunded. Its as simple as that. If the seller does good he/she deserves a good review and if they perform badly they sure as h*ll deserve a bad one.

Imagine this senario for instance, the seller had a good reputation and decided to sell her account or that she had 10 gigs performing very well and now decided to nah screw this, its way easier to plagiarize and thats how Im going to do my job. The next 20 people will buy her service expecting good results only, because they had faith in fiverrs system. But now they risk getting sued if they use “her” work. Sure in some cases it could be used for manipulation, however in the overwhelming majority of cases it would actually serve its purpose. Its a win for the consumer.

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Sellers can’t do that, Fiverr catches on to them and a lot of people were banned for this. So they are taking action.

It’s sad to see that you lost a week, but as I said above, sellers are penalized for canceling any order. So it will mess up his/her stats, and they didn’t get paid anything for their work. If you’re Fiverr, you have to see things from both sides. The seller already got penalized and lost $$ too, where you just lost time, since you got your money back. So as far as I can see, the seller got it worse already. And you want to penalize the seller even more? That feels malicious, not gonna lie.

As I said above already, I don’t believe it’s ok to write a review for something that you never paid for. If you chose to accept the delivery and review the work, absolutely, because you paid for it. But you had a choice, get the refund or share your opinion after accepting the order. There’s no middleground here, and as a seller myself, I find it fair. If people that canceled orders would be able to write reviews, that would encourage all competitors to place bad reviews on a gig and burry it. That’s a huge problem to have if I were Fiverr.

So, while the system is not perfect, it works, and I do believe it’s fair. You had the option to accept the order and share your opinion because you paid for it. When you wanted your $$ back, you forfeited your right to share your opinion. Which is fair, you can’t have both things and also have the seller penalized for cancellations and not get paid.


I already said it multiple times on this forum in threads like this, but this is just a horrible idea. From your perspective I understand where you come from. There are scammers, there are resellers, there are just bad services on fiverr. I do know that, I have experienced that as I am a seller and buyer on this platform. But now comes my perspective - someone who is working full time for years as a top rated seller on fiverr:

Buyers can be creepy and absolute disgusting lunatics. The amount of times I have been harassed, threatened, insulted or damaged is too high and I’ve learned to live with it. But the only thing that kept my service protected from being destroyed by some mad “clients” is that they can not leave a review after I cancel their order. And I’m not talking about that I have wasted someones time, that I have delivered a low-quality product or that I lied. I talk about ““clients”” who ignore your whole gig and description, do not contact you upfront to discuss a project, then purchase the cheapest possible package to demand a service you’re not even providing. That’s what happens to me a lot. Like going into a bike store asking for the new Mercedes. And when I was cancelling their orders, I got threats like “FIVERR ACCEPTED TO LET ME REVIEW YOUR GIG! I WILL DESTROY YOU FOR NOT WORKING ON MY PROJECT”. And I’m like “Hey, sorry but you do want a website designed. I am creating 3D music videos…” - “YOU WILL SEE, WE JUST BEGUN!!!” (And that is an actual quote).

So, after reading this - you still do have the feeling that someone like this should be able to review me and destroy the service and income I build for the last couple of years?

As I said - I understand where you come from but it is a horrible idea for a lot of great freelancers on this platform. The client is not always right.


They protected you, they gave you your money back. And you can feel free to choose another seller.

Then accept the order, pay for the gig basically and share whatever opinion you have.


I had someone that placed multiple smaller orders over 3 years, totaling $250 or $300, around those lines. They came to me saying that their website (which I got on the first page of Google by the way, with the content I wrote) wasn’t indexed on Google anymore due to some shenanigans they did. And they blamed me for that, they threatened me to destroy my account, follow me everywhere online and post bad reviews and so on.

So even if they used my content and made money from it for 3 years, I reached to Fiverr and they said for us to find a solution. In the end, I refunded him $250 and a year after, he comes to me for more content like nothing happened. Of course I blocked him, all he did was a ploy to get his $$ back and I was extremely harassed and threatened. So… people believe that leaving feedback on a canceled order is a good thin? NO IT’S NOT. It just allows persons like the one above to harass the seller even more. The seller was not paid at all, he didn’t receive any compensation for the work, and a cancellation penalizes him too.


So you don’t care if a person’s livelihood gets destroyed, as long as you have your way to damage someone else’s reputation without even paying for their service in the end (you’re getting your money back). The system is fair. If you want to share your opinion about the experience, you need to pay for it. I find it very fair.


It reminds me of google or app store reviews from people who rate a service or app with 1* star because it costs money. Saying that if it would be free, they’ll change their review to 5*. I don’t understand how people think they should be allowed to rate something if they got their money back or didn’t even pay for it. That’s just wrong. As I said - I do understand where OP comes from and I know there are a lot of scammy sellers on fiverr. But as long as you get your money back, you should not be allowed to review a service due to whatever reason as this would have a huge negative impact on all great, professional and honest sellers on fiverr, who then have to take a hit from some lunatics. It’s the internet. There are not only sane and nice people and some of them really think they buy YOU with a couple of dollars. The attitude some people on this platform have is beyond my understanding.


The current system is fair. You can still share your opinion, as long as you pay for the order. It’s not like buyers are not allowed to do that, but getting a refund, keeping the delivered content, having the seller penalized for cancellation and also sharing a bad review, that seems to bring an overpowered buyer and a seller without any protection. If someone paid for the content, it seems more than fair to share their opinion. But if you don’t pay, why have the opportunity to do so?