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Why is it that less the buyer is willing to spend, more are the expectations

Hi.I have had many buyers, most of them good.Only buyers that give me a run for money were those who actually spent like 5 dollars and were expecting a magazine quality writing lol.So, does this happen to anyone else too?

It isn’t nearly all of my lower budget buyers that do this at all, but I will say that most of the very demanding buyers I’ve had spent $10 or less and wanted at least an hour or two of work. I also see more bargain hunters who will try a ton of messages to try and negotiate more bang for five bucks but the bigger spenders tend to either pay my asking price or only try one bargain message.

I finally had to get a little tough on the cheap bargain hunters. If I’ve already offered a discount or already said no to their haggle and they keep going, I just tell them to look for another seller. I used to message back and forth with them a while but it became too costly to spend the time.

It should not matter what the length is or how much someone pays, they should all get magazine quality. If you offer a 500 word article for $5, then I would hope you plan to give all your buyers top work and not cut corners.

Reply to @sincere18: I have to agree with @sincere18 on the quality issue though with a caveat regarding what is promised by the seller. I have noticed a mild reoccurence of buyers that spend $5 on a gig and then expect things way above what my own gig descriptions offer for the base gig.

I haven’t looked at @fawhash writing gig but if it says the buyer gets a rough first draft of an article, the buyer shouldn’t expect more. If it doesn’t clarify a promised quality then the buyer should be able to expect a good quality article that is ready for publication.

The answer is really simple, they do not know anything about anything so they are expecting to get highest quality for no money :slight_smile: How can you expecy first class article for only 5 dollars and if possible in one hour???

Reply to @sincere18: Actually the intention always is to give a high quality writing and most the times this promise is fulfilled at least when it comes to copywiting but when a buyer asks to write a blog post which usually require much more reserach,the first thing that comes to my that the buyer is looking for tier 1,so the preference would more be uniuqueness as compared to quality.But every now and then I get a buyer looking for an article for money site,and these are buyers who are actually more conscious.In the end,shouldn’t the buyers expect to get what they are paying for,and common market price for money site “blog post” is around 30-50$.

In evaluation a buyer should at least consider the price paid vs work received and make a demand if quality doesn’t correspond with price.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Actually I am offering full fledged article of 500 words.Although I would like to follow the model you are following,but I don’t have a choice,I already get too less orders because of my non-nativs tag. Again,like I said to @sinere18 that although buyers should have high expectations,shouldn’t they evaluate the quality of work against the price paid?I mean believing that you can get magazine quality,even if the writer is capable of providing that,expecting it for too little price is injustice to us writers lol.

Reply to @fawhash: No, not at all. In fact a buyer should expect what you offer to them in your gig. There is nothing in your gig that separates copywriting vs. a blog post, you offer a unique article. If your common market article for 500 words is around $30-50, then you should not have a gig here on Fiverr willing to do it for $5.

Your gig clearly states this:

"I will write you original, Seo, content for your website.I will write an article comprising of 500 words or less which will be:

100% Unique.

SEO optimized

Well researched"

You then go on to say this:

"I assure you that my content will be seo optimized and unique.

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of article,I will rewrite it and will keep rewriting it until you are satisfied or refund you depending on your choice."

So for $5 the buyer very much should expect something of the highest quality since that is what you are selling.

Reply to @fawhash: no they should not evalute the quality of work based on the price, they should evaluate it based on what you are selling for that price. SEe my note below. If you do not want to be selling for that cheap, then Fiverr may not be the right place for you to sell your services. Or you have to figure out a way to have a base gig, and then offer extras.

Reply to @sincere18: I am actually quite happy here on Fiverr,thanks to my inexpensive country.However,I just wanted to know how Fiverr community and other writers think about it.And in my other comment I actually said that common market price,and not my price.I doubt I can even write an article of 30-50$ dollar quality unless I spend like 6-7 hours.So,yes,I am happy with Fiverr but eventually,as suggested,I will start charging higher prices.

Reply to @darios12: Yup that’s exactly the point!!

Reply to @fawhash: and be sure to fix your punctuation. I wonder why non-native English speakers, do not leave proper spaces between commas, and periods. That is who proper sentence structure works. It’s a common thing I am always curious about it, do you not learn about punctuation?

Reply to @sincere18: Firstly, I write in office,so it automatically points out such mistakes.And yes, the quality of English teaching is quite dismal here and unless someone is into reading, even writing like me is impossible for normal people.Btw Thanks for suggestion.

You know, I’d actually be okay with that if they just bothered to leave a review. The way I look at it is that every $5 gig is an opportunity for a good review. And I try my best, I don’t treat them differently and do modifications whenever asked to, but the more work I put in the less they are interested in leaving a review. I just don’t get it.

I totally agree with @fawhash some buyers want too much for work for little amount of money!

You are 100% right. We have mentioned it in our ebook too

That’s not entirely true, I was told “the widgets suggested are not matching my expectations” by a $20-buyer. Some buyers love you, some hate you, some like you, some demand revisions, some write nasty reviews without demanding a revision, you never know what’s going to happen. I’ve seen it all on Fiverr.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: True, at least after reading that 20$ review, there is certainly no doubt in my mind now.

Reply to @fawhash: One of my mistakes is that sometimes when a buyer hates my work but doesn’t ask for a revision or refund, I will defend it, and see if I can convince him that he’s wrong, and I gave him great options. I’m learning sometimes it’s better to ask for a refund before they do.

This $20 guy actually wrote in his 1-star review (now removed) that he wanted a refund. What a jerk, if you want a refund, hit resolution center, and ask for a refund, why is that so hard?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yes, actually that buyer looked quite egoistic to me, so possibly if you had offered him refund before he did, he wouldn’t have probably left a negative review.The worse thing about being a seller is that no options are available to penalize a buyer, like sellers ratings.

Anyways “this seller has the audacity to compare his suggestion to brands like Axe” was quite infuriating for me as a seller even as i was an outsider just because some buyers really tend to underestimate the contribution of sellers far too much.

One other thing i noticed is that the seller was possibly from sub-continent.There is quite an acceptance of high power distance and inequalities here, so more often than not, you would see people from this region acting all pompous and treating the sellers like slaves, just because this attitude is ingrained in our culture, and it tends to be the total opposite of how American culture operates.