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Why is it that less the buyer is willing to spend, more are the expectations

So you saw the review before it got removed? I’m surprised, I guess he did accept the refund. The irony is that sometimes I get 5 stars for work I’m not crazy about, and other times I get 1-stars for work I think it’s great.

You never can tell, it’s one of the most frustrating things of working in a creative business, you might be right about the sub-continent, although I can tell you my difficult buyers comes from all over the world, so I’ve learned not to stereotype. If the sub-continent you’re referring to is India, then yes, the caste system is still very much alive there, some people are even “untouchable.” Are you from Pakistan? Bangladesh?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Yes i saw the review.I am actually from Pakistan, and that’s the reason i didn’t specifically say India as it would have made my opinion sound biased.Pakistan and India both are the part of subcontinent, and both have more similarities than people of both countries like to believe.India just has the systematized the concept of Untouchables, whereas in other countries it just exists under the surface.