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Why is my account restricted?

I really need an answer from Fiverr concerning this issue.

So today I got a notification that I had to verify my ID within 14 days in order to continue using Fiverr. Being legit and wanting to keep my account hurdle-free, I got to it. I submitted my driver’s license as well as my selfie and I got several messages saying my account wasn’t verified. After trying a few times, I contacted support concerning the issue and I got a reply saying that I could try again. Below is the message I got:

Mark (Fiverr Customer Support)

Apr 7, 4:12 PM EDT

Hi again,

Upon further review, you can try and verify your account once again. Please send only high-quality images of your ID and selfie. Images must be clear and readable.

Please do not send any images to customer support.


So, I went back and tried again and to my surprise, I get a message that my account has been restricted due to multiple attempts. Look, I’m trying to be genuine because I am. I’m a new seller and I’ve just started getting orders and I want to keep my account clean. That’s why I really want my ID to be verified. I haven’t broken any Fiverr rules or Terms of Service. Why then is my account getting restricted for trying to do the right thing?

fiverr says they accept the following documents:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • National identity card

I’m submitting my driver’s license and they are refusing it! This is after I have already contacted support telling them that I don’t have a passport that’s why I’m using a driver’s license. Applying for a passport in my country is not that easy as you have to wait for 6 months before you receive a new one unless if you have money and apply for a 3-days one, which costs $356 and I just don’t have that kind of money right now.

Seriously, I think this is ridiculous. I’m trying to make money in an honest way and this is what Fiverr does. The system is really not fair!

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Only Customer Support can help you with this. We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

If you type “verifying id” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may wish to read.


I know. I’m just made that my account is restricted for trying to do the right thing!

I already went through that process a couple of times and now my account is restricted. It’s just so frustrating

Hi Vicky, I am going through exactly the same issues and support is taking me in circles. Just like you, I am trying to verify my account, which in Fiverr only works on a smartphone. I have taken multiple images of multiple ID cards and made selfies as requested. Even though the images were sharp, well framed and with no reflections, my upload was rejected multiple times (with emails from Fiverr telling me so). Sometimes, the app would just freeze and become unresponsive. The whole experience has been dreadful until now. In my opinion, FIverr has not done a good job because the verification process doesn’t work as it should. Given the sensitive nature of the matter - with personal documents send over the internet - this whole process and the support response has seriously diminished my trust in Fiverr. When I wrote support, telling them my issues with the automated verification system (I even send them my passport copy directly as proof that the image was perfectly OK), my thread was deleted and I was told to try again. Today I tried again. Out of a total of 7 attempts, 4 went through, 3 made the app freeze. I then received an email from Fiverr telling me that my account was restricted because of multiple unsuccessful attempts. This whole thing is super frustrating and going in circles. When I try to send documents directly, my thread is deleted. When I upload multiple times, my account is restricted. I am really out of options, since support just keeps sending me their instructions for uploading, which I have followed by the letter. Because the automated system failed - and being out of options - I was “forced” to send them documents directly. This is not how automation should work and Fiverr should seriously reconsider how it handles sensitive documents. Event though I send them my passport as proof that the quality was perfect, I simple received a standard message on how to take pictures. Really? If Fiverr is having such issues with such a simple task, how can I believe them, that my personal data (that I am forced to send multiple times over the internet) is really safe with them. I am having serious doubts that my data is save with Fiverr! It also seems, that people who are stuck this way, will then attempt to send multiple IDs, which in my humble opinion is another step in the wrong direction. Anyway Vicky, were you able to resolve your issue and if you did, how did you eventually manage?

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