Why is my dollar amount not a full dollar amount?


Firstly I’ve tried posting this twice now and then suddenly a warning comes up saying I’m blocked due to content of the message, so for the 3rd time I’m posting this with less info.

In both my earned and pending clearance sections at the top of the revenues page, I now have cents, not just dollars. Thing is I’ve not done any custom offers for anything less than a full dollar amount.

Any idea as to what might be going on here?


Did you get any tips?


Contact support my dear, hope its resolved soon.


Contacted them and they wrote back in record time. And yes I get tips, but all in $5 increments.

Weirdly it says that a technical (?) was created already…this is what support says:

“It seems a technical was already created regarding the inaccurate amounts showing on your profile. This may take some time to resolve on our end, however we will keep you updated.

Once the issue is resolved, one of our support team members will update request with the feedback we received from our tech team.”


I’m just curious, is anyone else having this problem?

Customer support did say it might take some time, but it’s been a while and the payment in question is about to clear in the next few days.

It appears that it’s $6.40 instead of $8 for a $10 tip from what I can gather?


On one tip this week of $13, I’m getting 10.40 back… On another $20 tip, I"m getting $16… not sure how CS is adding this all up. It would be curious to know… that’s for sure!


Yes, I’d love to know!

It appears that only one of my tips is affected in this manner (however I did have one that just sat there and didn’t clear on the date it was supposed to either which was related to a tip).


hmm well 10.40 might work out to be right if it was $13? and they still take $1 out of the tips so the $16 was right also. Mine have all been full amounts in $5 increments though, so makes no sense for me.